All the problems and bugs of the new iPhone 14 in Russia and around the world

Surprisingly, it seems that for the first time in history, Apple has not only the most boring iPhone update, but the most buggy one as well. Previously, there were usually 1-2 defects. Often these were manufacturing defects. You can remember the badly dried glue, the position of the antennas, when Steve Jobs advised to hold the smartphone differently, case too thin, when the iPhone folded easily and the iPads were crooked out of the box, some smartphones had scratched screen well away, the iPhone 13 Pro lacked optimization in games, which led to increased discharge, etc. All these cases are united by the fact that it was a problem of specific generations or even of production batches.

In the same year, complaints about the new iPhones are reminiscent of the monsoon season in Southeast Asia, meaning they spill over from morning to night in a continuous stream. There is a separate topic on Twitter where people complain. You’ve collected the funniest or biggest problems.

If we talk about the more serious problems, there are two of them.

First, these are permanent friezes of various calibers. Everything can crash, from individual applications to desktops, keyboards and the lock screen. Reboots usually help here.

The second big problem is the battery life. With iOS 16, users of all iPhone generations started complaining about accelerated battery drain. And the iPhone 11, 12, 13 and 14 started to drain quickly and actively warm up.

On Twitter, users complain that if before the battery was enough for the whole day, now they have to charge the smartphone in the middle of the day, or even several times.

Others complain that the smartphone can be discharged from 100% to 30% during the night, despite the fact that the night mode has been activated.

Another user attached a screenshot of how his smartphone was 70% downloaded overnight. It is interesting here that at the same time the iPhone was connected to charging, but it was not charging, as it heated up to such an extent that the system forced the charging to be deactivated.

Frankly, as a Samsung user, I don’t understand the complaints about this at all and I think this is not a bug, but a way of working. I believe Apple should go Samsung’s lead and post a comment on the official website that a hot smartphone is normal, and the battery is a consumable, so it should be dead.

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