All that washing hands has probably been in vain –

It was once part of the most important corona measures, who didn’t have a bottle of hand gel in their bag, but it probably was for nothing. Washing your hands hardly prevents the transmission of the corona virus.

Last week, the RIVM amended the official advice when it comes to the contagiousness of surfaces, such as shopping carts and door handles. Also cleaned for nothing. But then washing hands logically also becomes useless. After all, we haven’t touched each other for over a year and we don’t get the virus through a door handle.

Maarten Keulemans, science editor at de Volkskrant, found one critical academic analysis, who argues that the assumption that washing hands protects “requires further investigation.” “Since there is no convincing evidence that this preventative has been effective in the sars-cov-2 epidemic.”

In a Canadian meta-analysis of seven good studies, five found no evidence that hand hygiene can prevent flu infection and two found modest evidence.

Also researchers left once a group of people with a cold play poker with a group of healthy people. Half of the healthy group became infected regardless of whether they had their hands to their faces or not. Conclusion: the cold virus spread through the air.

“In the scale of things“, Professor of Clinical Microbiology Heiman Wertheim (Radboud UMC) cautiously concludes in de Volkskrant,” I consider the importance of staying at home as much as possible, keeping your distance and having tests tested in case of complaints greater. “

Bron (nen): De Volkskrant


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