All Spain advances to Phase 1 except Madrid, Barcelona and areas of Castilla y León


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“Prudence, caution and responsibility”. The Ministry of Health, led by Salvador Illa, chooses to leave Madrid in phase 0 for one more week with some “improvements” from which businesses can benefit.

The terraces and the long-awaited meetings of up to 10 people with friends and family will continue to be prohibited but the Government hopes that the week of May 25 all the territories that have not yet progressed will enter the phase 1.

On Monday, May 18, a new stage opens within the de-escalation in which 70% of Spaniards will already be a little closer to the so-called ‘new normal’ scheduled for the end of June. Together with the entire Community of Madrid, the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and a large part of the health regions of Castilla y León will continue for another week in phase 0, some 14 million Spaniards according to the Health accounts.


The Board of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla also manages to pass the Health Court on this occasion. Malaga and Granada will progress to phase 1 next Monday after the approval of the technicians who advise the central government. The eight provinces will be in the same situation after the protests of the coalition government of PP and Cs last week for leaving Malaga and Granada against their criteria.


The three provinces will continue in phase 1.


The community remains in phase 1.


The island of Formentera goes to phase 2.

Canary Islands

All the islands are still in phase 1 except La Graciosa, La Gomera and El Hierro, which progress to phase 2.


It remains in phase 1.

Castilla la Mancha

All the provinces will be in phase 1 from next Monday, Cuenca and Guadalajara already entered at the beginning of this week.

Castile and Leon

Only 26 health regions in the region were in phase 1, as requested by the Junta de Castilla y León last week. Starting next Monday, they will be 42 health regions in this phase. The rest of the territories of the region will continue in phase 0 with some improvements, which has been called ‘phase 0.5’.

In this “improved” phase 0, dealerships or shops will be able to open with fewer restrictions, customers will be served not only by appointment, but if they are empty they can also do so with those customers who pass by on the street and decide to enter the establishment. However, Mañueco has insisted that the economy will be activated from “health security”.


The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat gets approval for their requests. Barcelona and its metropolitan area should continue in phase 0 of the de-escalation, although they propose that some activities foreseen in phase 1 be allowed, that is, establish a phase 0.5, in which some social services now paralyzed could function, the implementation on the verge of educational centers “in administrative phase”, some activities of the scientific and research sector, and activity in the retail trade and without prior appointment or loan of books in the libraries.

In addition, the health regions of Lleida, Gerona and central Catalonia advance to phase 1. The province of Tarragona was already in phase 1 in its entirety since this Monday.

Valencia Community

The Ministry of Health has authorized the passage of the entire Valencian Community to phase 1 of the de-escalation plan, which implies lifting part of the restrictions imposed by the state of alarm on the mobility of people and commercial activity.

Last Monday, more than 270 Valencian municipalities went from phase 0 to 1, but the bulk of the community remained in phase 0, with the consequent displeasure of the autonomous government of Ximo Puig, which was convinced that the Community met all the requirements .


The two provinces will continue in phase 1.


The four provinces remain in phase 1.

The Rioja

The single-province community will continue in phase 1 de-escalation.

Madrid’s community

The Community of Madrid, as it has already advanced this Thursday Isabel Diaz Ayuso, will remain in the new phase with some improvements for the opening of shops. After last week’s fiasco, when Health completely discarded the region’s unsigned proposal, Health chooses to keep the community most affected by the pandemic in phase 0.

Starting Monday, shops may open with limited capacity without the need for an appointment. The terraces will remain closed and the expected meetings of up to 10 people with family or friends will not be allowed.

Fernando Simón has justified the Health decision on Madrid as it is the area most affected by the pandemic in our country. At the same time, it has praised the capacity of the health system of the Community of Madrid but has emphasized the need to strengthen primary care for this de-escalation stage.

Minister Illa has assured that they maintain a “fluid relationship” with the health authorities of the Community of Madrid and has ruled out making “any reproach” to President Díaz Ayuso although it has recognized an “important discussion”. Regional government sources have described the so-called ‘0.5 phase’ as “invention” and “botched”.


Stay in phase 1.


The provincial community continues in phase 1

Basque Country

The three provinces are still in phase 1 but the Ministry of Health yields and grants fewer mobility restrictions in this autonomy. Lehendakari Urkullu will allow Basque citizens to move through their provinces from Monday. Until now they had limited mobility to their municipality.


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