All residents are quarantined at home in Nangong, Xingtai, Hebei Province, implements the strictest lockdown — Mandarin

Caixin1month16According to the report on the same day, the “Nangong Release” WeChat official account released the news on the same day that all communities, communities, family homes and villages in Xingtai Nangong city are not allowed to move, and all residents are isolated at home; all personnel with work tasks are allowed to eat and live in the unit, and return Home.

According to the news, in order to cope with the severe and complex epidemic situation and achieve an early victory in the fight against the epidemic, it was decided by the enclosure management team of the Joint Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control.1month16Starting from the evening of the day, Nangong City has implemented the most stringent closure measures, including all communities, communities, family homes and villagers in the city are not allowed to move, all residents are isolated at home, the scope of activities is limited to their own homes, and it is strictly forbidden to leave the house.

According to, there are currently a total of confirmed cases of new crowns across China88118Cases, new local cases115Example.1month15day,31Newly confirmed cases in three provinces and Xinjiang Corps130Cases, of which overseas imported cases15Cases, native cases115Cases; no new deaths, cumulative deaths4635Cases; new asymptomatic infection79Cases, asymptomatic infections are still under observation670Cases; existing confirmed cases1113Cases, severe cases38Example.

(Responsible editor: Lu Qing)

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