All officers of the NYPD are alerted at a high level.

Request not met. At least, in the hours after that moment in which history was made in the United States with the criminal indictment of a former president for the first time. Little to no reaction on the streets of New York, despite the claim of Donald Trump.

It may be a mirage, which is why the Big Apple police are in a situation of maximum alert, with the order to all their officers to come to work in uniform starting this Friday. A long weekend until Tuesday, the day in which this pioneering accusation is expected to be formalized before the Lower Manhattan court.

A supporter of Donald Trump with an impersonator of the former president, at the exit of Trump Tower in New York, this Friday

AP Photo/Bryan Woolston

The police (NYPD) and the secret services met this Friday to begin to specify the details of the detention device (without handcuffs).

Trump, who was caught offside by the announcement, when he believed that his anticipated outburst had partially neutralized the matter, asked his people a few days ago to take to the streets to protest, “to recover the country”, and even He predicted “fire and destruction.”

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The vanguard

“Every president except Jimmy Carter has surpassed Richard Nixon in corruption”

Shortly after the news broke on Thursday night that it opened unexplored territory in the United States, in the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, a reference temple for its devotees, there were a dozen cameras and two of its faithful that did not give enough in front of so many reporters.

One of those two people responded to the name of Susan Miller. Lucia cap with the inscription Let’s go Brandoncoded insult to President Biden.

The woman, tired of “giving interviews”, set the condition that she had to be given a cigarette to talk. In the end she agreed. “This is all political, Trump is innocent, he is a wonderful man,” she proclaims, looking at the tower of gold letters as if it were the work of a pharaoh. “Alvin Bragg wants to turn a nonsense into a crime, he makes up the story,” she adds.

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Donald Trump’s plane, known as Trump Force One, was at Palm Beach International Airport this Friday.

Getty Images via AFP

Bragg is Manhattan’s chief prosecutor, and Troy Olson, a lawyer and author, argued that thanks to him “Trump has already been re-elected.” He ruled that the case of the porn actress “is weak”, although he acknowledges that he is unaware of the charges, and concluded that “they only seek to get the former president off the ballot and make us look like a banana republic.”

He did not want to know anything about the assault on the Capitol. He said that paying someone to shut him up is common in politics and added that “all the presidents, except Jimmy Carter, have surpassed Richard Nixon in corruption.” Nixon had to leave the office of president in 1974 due to the spying scandal on the Democrats at Watergate and his successor, Gerald Ford, forgave him.

The extremists recognize that the uniformed men of the Big Apple are a whole army

The absolute tranquility in the former residence of the former president continued in the area of ​​Lower Manhattan where the courts are and where the action is expected in the coming days. There were few protesters, almost all anti-Trump. “I’m here to thank Bragg and the 23 New York citizens on the grand jury,” Ben said.

“I would have preferred an indictment for a political issue than for the porn star,” Sarah added. “This is a historic day for civilization. The United States, the most dominant country in the world, with this experiment in democracy, shows that the justice system expresses itself with force,” Gavin concluded.

Police sources indicated that they had detected calls from the extreme right on the networks. On the internet it was warned that this was a trap and they recognized that the uniformed New Yorkers, a true army, are not soft like those of the Capitol or the Washington police.

Stormy Daniels, a storm for Trump

Stormy Daniels, 44, knows the world she lives in well. She has long experience in dealing with men. At nine years old, when she was her daughter Stephanie Clifford, one of these unscrupulous of hers sexually abused her. She lost her fear. So with Donald Trump already installed in the White House, and after the uproar during the 2016 presidential campaign that she had been paid to hush up her mess with the president, Daniels knew how to take advantage of the matter and cause another storm (storm). . That relationship dates back to 2006. Trump had married Melania in 2005 and gave birth to her son in 2006. Daniels was considered a porn star at the time, an industry she entered as a young woman. She not only interpreted, but she directed films. Described as a bossy, bossy woman, she found a way in 2018 to get her voice back. She took advantage of the scandal to go on a tour of clubs in the United States with the Trumpian air show Make America Horny Again. Not only that, but she wrote a book in which, under the title Full disclosure, she lived up to that description by touching on what hurts someone like Trump the most, with an ego loaded with manhood. If she knows something, it’s about that subject. Without shaking her pulse, Daniels stressed this in reference to that lover of hers: “He knows that he has an unusual penis. He is like the head of a mushroom, like a poisonous mushroom. And she described that moment: “I lay down, upset that a guy with the Yeti pubis and a phallus like the mushroom character from Mario Kart was going to penetrate me.” She gave him a bad grade. Daniels, now, maintains a discreet profile before the accusation.

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