All of them need your prayers … Yusra is fighting Corona and Carrara in isolation and the neighbor is in the hands of God

The Seventh Day TV provided special coverage on the health status of artists infected with the Coronavirus, and the coverage monitored the departure of the great artist, Hadi Al-Jarir, after he was infected with the Corona virus during the recent period.

Details of the status of the rest of the injured artists are as follows.

The artist, Yousra, was infected with the Coronavirus during the recent period, but she was subjected to home isolation, and two days ago, she reassured her fans of her health, and said that she was back in the dangerous stage.

The artist Magdy Sobhi, recently announced the deterioration of his health due to his infection with the virus, but currently, the head of the representative professions, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, said that he was transferred to the Agouza hospital in Giza, and he was placed in one of the internal rooms to monitor his condition continuously.

And followed the current health coverage of both, the artist Amir Karrar, the director Inas El-Deghidi, the poet Khaled Taj El-Din, the artist Sidqi Sakhr.


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