All New Daihatsu Ayla Test Drive in Yogyakarta 2023: Performance and Fuel Consumption Review


After it was officially launched in March 2023, Daihatsu invited a number of media to experience driving directly with the All New Daihatsu Ayla which took place on 11-13 May 2023 in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. What is the performance of the latest generation of Ayla’s fuel consumption?

For information, the test drive event which lasted for three days passed through various destinations, from urban areas to highlands to prove the reliability of the latest Ayla performance, while at the same time enjoying a variety of Yogyakarta local wisdom, ranging from tourist destinations, arts and culture, as well as a variety of culinary delights.

On the first day, the trip begins to Jolotundo Coffee, a place to eat with a natural concept located in Kulonprogo to enjoy a variety of culinary delights as well as views of rice fields that stretch, plus an atmosphere that is still thick with beautiful, cool and pleasant countryside.

At this first destination, Daihatsu and media partners were also welcomed by Anita Verawati as Secretary of the Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Office. “We welcome you to Yogyakarta, and thank you for the trust and support from Daihatsu and media partners who have chosen Yogyakarta as the destination of choice for this new Ayla Test Drive event. Hopefully this event can also support and increase the level of tourism in the Yogyakarta area, and can give a memorable experience to all participants,” said Anita.

All New Daihatsu Ayla Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

After the opening, Daihatsu also conducted a ceremony to release the Media Test Drive participants using a total of 8 units of the All New Daihatsu Ayla type 1.2 R CVT ADS.

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The next destination is Karang Scout which is located in Kaliurang. During the trip to this destination, the Test Drive participants immediately tested the performance of the All New Daihatsu Ayla through various urban roads, up to the highlands.

After enjoying the beauty of Karang Pramuka in Kaliurang, the Media Test Drive participants went straight to the location of the Westlake Resort inn in Yogyakarta City for dinner and rest. During the first day’s journey of approximately 100 km, it was dominated by straight tracks, as well as several varying uphill road conditions.

During the journey on the first day, the All New Daihatsu Ayla 1.2L WA-VE DOHC Dual VVT-i is able to provide responsive and powerful acceleration even at low rpm, coupled with a D-CVT (Dual Mode Continuously Variable Transmission) transmission, making vehicle acceleration smoother , and fuel efficient. Daihatsu claims that the All New Ayla’s fuel consumption can reach more than 20 km/liter.

Meanwhile, according to our calculations, the fuel consumption of the most efficient All New Daihatsu Ayla can reach 14.1 km/liter. The results were achieved on the first day. Meanwhile, if accumulated until the third day, Ayla’s consumption only touched 11.2 km/liter. With a note, the car is used for 3 passengers, the car is driven without regard to aspects of eco driving, and the car engine is often started when it stops at a parking location.

All New Daihatsu Ayla Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

When heading to this highland destination, the All New Daihatsu Ayla is also equipped with the HSA (Hill Start Assist) feature which functions to prevent the car from moving backwards when stopped on an incline for some time to help the driver when requiring the car to stop in uphill road conditions, so that it becomes safer and more comfortable.

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The excitement and comfort while driving is also maximized because it is supported by a modern 7-inch Touchscreen Audio that can be connected to a smartphone which can add entertainment while driving, a more reliable and quieter level of stability thanks to the embedding of the DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) platform, and suspension technology. the new one.

On the second day, the destination continues to Astra Daihatsu outlets on Jalan Magelang, Beringharjo Market, Plaosan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple wrapped in interesting games. In addition, Daihatsu closed the 2nd day of the trip by inviting Journalist Friends to enjoy the art performance of the Roro Jonggrang Legenda Ballet, which tells the legend behind the existence of the Prambanan Temple by Bandung Bondowoso building 1,000 temples overnight for Roro Jonggrang.

On the second day, the total route taken by the Test Drive participants was approximately 80 km with the dominance of urban routes. All New Daihatsu Ayla with dimensions
P x W x H 3,760 x 1,665 x 1,515 (mm), plus a ground clearance of 160 mm and a turning radius of 4.4 meters, this car remains compact, agile when passing through narrow streets, and fun to drive in various urban areas.

All New Daihatsu Ayla Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

Meanwhile, for other convenience features, the All New Ayla is equipped with an Engine Push Start-Stop button, plus Tilt Steering to make it easier to adjust the steering wheel position when driving. The new Ayla’s trunk is because it has a wider luggage capacity of 265 liters, making activities more comfortable.

Closing the Test Drive event, on the 3rd day, the participants were also invited to visit Omah Kecebong which is a Nature Tourism destination that presents Javanese activities, as well as wearing Yogyakarta traditional clothes.

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“Through this Media Test Drive event, Journalist Friends can experience the sensation of driving with the All New Daihatsu Ayla with the new DNGA platform as a car.
the Exciting Entry Hatchback in accordance with its tagline, while at the same time being able to enjoy various destinations, culinary arts, and local wisdom in the Special Region
Yogyakarta. Hopefully, through this event, the All New Astra Daihatsu Ayla will gain more trust and positive interest from customers in Indonesia,” said Sri Agung Handayani as Marketing Director and Corporate Planning and Communication Director of Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM).

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