All Mystic Messenger Characters Birthdays

Mystic Messenger is a mobile otome game where you romantically chase different characters through various routes. The game is known for its reinvention of the classic dating simulation, creating an entirely new and intimate experience with 24-hour text messages and even phone calls from its cast of characters. Beyond its romantic elements, Mystic Messenger also features an intriguing mystery narrative that will stick with you for years to come.

All Mystic Messenger Characters Birthdays

Jumin Han

Birthday: October 5th

Zodiac: Libra

Get older: 26 (international), 27 (Korean)

The “Trust Fund Kid” (as Zen calls it) values ​​sophistication and order above all else. Their no-nonsense demeanor often leads to clashes with the more laid-back members of the RFA, but Jumin isn’t above cracking a joke every now and then, they just never get very well received. Beneath that cool demeanor, Jumin is truly obsessed with cats and his own feline companion, Elizabeth III.


Birthday: April 1st

Zodiac: Aries

Get older: 23 (international), 24 (Korean)

At first glance, it can be easy to dismiss Zen as nothing more than a narcissist. However, Zen (real name Hyun Ryu) struggles with the idea that people only like him because of his looks, constantly striving to prove himself as a talented actor and singer. No matter which route you take on Mystic Messenger, Zen will always care about your well-being and try to make you feel appreciated.


Birthday: June 11

Zodiac: Geminis

Get older: 21 (international), 22 (Korean)

The hacker and secret agent 707 has all sorts of different aliases, but is more commonly referred to by other members of the RFA as “Seven.” On the surface, Seven is the master of memes and a notorious prankster. However, his seemingly nonchalant demeanor disguises a host of dark secrets and insecurities, making Seven one of the most complex (and beloved) characters on Mystic Messenger.

Yoosung Kim

Birthday: March 12

Zodiac: Pisces

Get older: 20 (international), 21 (Korean)

Yoosung is a kind-hearted college student with a terrible addiction to games. Always falling in love with Seven’s more elaborate pranks, Yoosung proves to be as naive as he is sweet, though his constant MC comparison to his cousin Rika makes even Mystic Messenger veterans roll their eyes.

Jaehee Kang

Birthday: December 28th

Zodiac: Capricorn

Get older: 25 (international), 26 (Korean)

Possibly the most dedicated worker in the RFA, Jaehee serves as Jumin’s assistant and makes sure everything runs smoothly. While she may seem quite stern at first, Jaehee is also incredibly compassionate and just wants to see the members of RFA prosper in their own way, especially Zen, who is her favorite artist.


Birthday: September 9

Zodiac: Virgo

Get older: 26 (international), 27 (Korean)

After the death of his fiancee Rika, V was appointed head of the FRG. Despite this title, V is difficult to come into contact with due to his constant travels as a photographer. Also, V tends to keep a firm distance between himself and most of the other members of the organization for unknown reasons (unless you follow his route in Another Story, of course).


Birthday: November 3

Zodiac: Scorpion

Get older: 23 (international), 24 (Korean)

Rika is the founder of RFA, or “Rika Fundraising Association.” While her mysterious death renders the RFA inactive for over a year, it also kicks off the Mystic Messenger events as it becomes MC’s job to take over Rika’s fundraising duties for her. the organization can organize more parties. Even without a physical presence, Rika appears extensively throughout the game’s narrative, as she touched the lives of each character.

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