All Domino’s Pizza restaurants in Italy close, franchising companies fail

The adventure of Domino’s Pizza in Italy and therefore also in Milan is over. The Court of the Milanese capital, in April 2022, had initiated the closure procedures following the crisis of EPizza Spa, the company that held the franchise in Italy. The activity of the premises has already been suspended. So goodbye to Hawaiian pizza, pepperoni, pineapple and cheese-stuffed rim: Domino’s pizza, which you loved or hated, can no longer be eaten.

Domino’s Pizza is a brand born in Michigan in 1960. Over the decades it has seen its franchise expand to more than 85 countries around the world. The lockdown due to the covid pandemic, generating a rather strong contraction in sales, gave the coup de grace to the chain, at least in Italy. The delivery of pizzas (as well as other meals) has exploded at the same time, due to government restrictions always linked to the pandemic, and competition has become even more fierce.

The chain had arrived in the country with more than rosy forecasts. There was talk of a 2% market share and 880 restaurants by 2030. However, the pandemic situation could not have been foreseen. Obviously, nothing excludes the brand from being taken over by another company, but, for the moment, the closure of the premises is inevitable.

The first restaurant

It dates back to 5 October 2015 the opening of the first Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Italy. The company had chosen Milan and, precisely, via della Martinella, in the Bisceglie area. The following year it was the turn of viale Tibaldi and via Emilio De Marchi. In 2019, before the covid pandemic, Domino’s Pizza continued its business expansion in the city, with a dozen restaurants open. Then the collapse

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