All Districts of Shanghai Will Conduct Nucleic Acid Screening and Normalized Nucleic Acid Test for All Community Members Today and Tomorrow | Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference – Mobile News

All Districts of Shanghai Will Perform Nucleic Acid Screening and Normalized Nucleic Acid Test for All Community Members Today and Tomorrow | Conference on the prevention and control of epidemicsFly into the homes of ordinary people

Source: Photo by Xinmin Evening News reporter Chen Jiongwei

At the 240th Shanghai Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control Press Conference held today, Liu Ping, the city’s head of nucleic acid screening for outbreak prevention and control, introduced that the epidemic situation recently in many places in China it has been spreading and people have often flocked and gathered The pressure to prevent input and internal rebound is still high. In order to further consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control and rapidly detect positive infections, recent work on social nucleic acid screening needs to be further strengthened. Taking into account the National Day holiday return and the work and school nucleic acid testing needs on the 8th, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country and the city epidemic prevention and control, screening of the Nucleic acid and community-wide normalized nucleic acid testing will continue on October 6 and 7.

All districts should rationally organize screening time based on the real situation of their jurisdiction, mobilize fully and organize carefully, and above all strengthen the inspection of places that are easily lost such as hotels, rental houses and street shops for returnees to Shanghai, hotels, rental houses and street shops.Family and none requirements need to be implemented.

At the same time, we urge the general public to keep in mind the responsibility of epidemic prevention, to take the initiative to participate in community screening in time, and to jointly protect hard-won epidemic prevention achievements. When organizing a specific time, please pay attention to the information issued by your district.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Gao Yang

Publisher: Wei Jiawei

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