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Wow, the week has stood out still! Therefore, let’s get down to a selection of the most read texts of the last days without further ado.


As always, we start with the official news. Apple has once again presented the best photos taken on iPhones:

Freebie Continues: Free Access to Apple TV + Extended Until Summer!

A few recent company patents. And both relate to systems for identifying different devices:

Photos of an iPhone appeared on the network, which never officially existed:

In 2020, the company released a whole bunch of different iPhones. The choice is good, but only something went wrong: apparently, there was a miscalculation in forecasting sales. Because of this, the company had to radically revise its production plans. Although for Apple it is very good:

This week, we decided to collect in one text all the rumors about the upcoming innovations of the company that Apple may present in 2021:

Want to use iMessage on Android? Or are you just fed up with too many messengers, each of which is for family, study, work and friends? There seems to be a way out:


This week we released two reviews of Samsung’s top flagships. The first was the Galaxy S21 Ultra, a smartphone with an amazing camera:

Another interesting novelty is the simplest Galaxy S21. It is compact and very beautiful:

Other texts

The most old-fashioned sneakers received new youth colors:

Seryozha once again wrote the text for his permanent column. We rejoice at inexpensive gifts that he would not “give” to himself, but has already given:

Finally, Troika will be able to go digital:

Huawei has presented an updated line of its ultrabooks. Beautiful, light, fast and expensive devices:

And in the end, an unusual selection of wallpapers:


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