All about this year’s models of Macbook Air

Update (2021-06-25):
Apple may launch a brand new, more powerful version of the Macbook Air in the future, reports Macrumors, who quotes several information from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and the famous Apple delicious Ming-Chi Kuo.

The new Macbook Air can get a sequel to the M1, which can run faster on the same number of cores. The number of graphics cores is expected to increase from seven or eight (depending on the model) to nine or ten.

The new type of Macbook Air would still be below the Macbook Pro in Apple’s Mac range, but be faster than today’s Macbook Air with the M1.

The computer can come in a variety of colors, such as today’s Imac 24 inch. The biggest change is that for the first time, the Macbook Air may lose its iconic, sloping design. Instead, it is expected to be significantly thinner overall.

According to Mark Gurman, this brand new generation Macbook Air can be launched as early as the second half of this year, or in 2022.

Update (2021-05-19):
According to Bloombergs Apple-expert Mark Gurman Apple will unveil new models of the Macbook Air this fall.

One of the news will be a successor to today’s M1 chip, but it is still unclear whether the name will be M2 or something completely different.

The code name for the new chip is “Staten” and apart from higher performance, we are also offered more graphics cores.

There are already rumors of support for the new mini-LED backlight, but this may take some time. next year’s model.

Update (2021-05-07):

According to the well-known technology leaker Jon Prosser, this year’s models of Macbook Air will be released in the same colors as the latest models of Imac, ie blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and purple.

The last time we saw colorful laptops from Apple was in 1999 when the Ibook G3 was launched. Just two years later, the fun was over when the five colors (Tangerine, Blueberry, Graphite, Indigo and Key Lime) were replaced by white.

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Previously (2021-01-22):

Bloomberg-journalisten Mark Gurman reports that Apple plans to release an even thinner and lighter Macbook Air in the second half of 2021, alternatively in early 2022.

According to Mark Gurman, the upcoming computer will use Apple’s Magsafe charger and the next generation of the company’s own Mac processor.

The computer is still said to be 13-inch but should achieve a smaller size, among other things through shrunken edges around the screen.

Macbook Air from 2020 has a weight of 1.29 kg. What the new lighter variant will weigh and how thick it will be is still unknown. In any case, the computer is said to come with a pair of USB 4 ports.



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