All about the life of Paz Padilla and her success on television

Paz Padilla is a theater and television actress, presenter and recognized for participating in the program of Mediaset, Save me. Come to life in this show TV, although he ventured into Channel On, TVE, Telecinco and other chains. Have a good sense of humor, and is a very believer in love, especially the one she had for her husband Antonio Vidal.

Who is it?

His life is associated with Antonio Vidal, the nurses of the Puerta del Mar University Hospital, the tramoya and society. Supporter of resilience, lover of theater and TV. She recently faced the death of her husband. @Paz_padilla is his instagram account.

She married Antonio Vidal to live pleasant experiences with him, however, in 2020 Antonio Vidal lost his life after a delicate state of health of which nothing was ever made public.

And what about your favorite artist? Born in Spain, specifically in the province of Cádiz, a September 26, 1969. His parents (now deceased) are: Luis Padilla and Dolores Diaz Garcia; he keeps a beautiful memory of them for sowing the best ethical values.

Year 1994 sets the trend to be very successful on television. He premiered as a comedian in the program “Genius and figure”, Receiving good reviews with his presentation. He stayed several seasons in Antenna 3, to become one of the most beloved figures on TV.

Beginnings as a nursing assistant

Although you know Paz Padilla as an excellent comedian, actress and television presenter, also worked in the Puerta del Mar University Hospital What nursing assistant. There he met a group of people with whom he maintains good friendships.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it began to produce masks to donate to this hospital. He has relentlessly participated in health operations in Spain in order to eradicate the coronavirus as soon as possible.

He knew how to take advantage of the International Nurses Day to extend his congratulations. “I want to dedicate these words to my old colleagues from the hospital. Although I am away from them, my heart, my love and respect always accompany them”.

She is grateful for every opportunity to visit the hospital in order to recapture old times. The comedian claims that at least at Christmas he meets with them to remember all the good deeds they did in the 90’s.

The video is on his instagram profile. It has more than 10,000 likes and around 200 comments. Several of her classmates took time to respond with emotional thanks after sharing the beautiful role of saving lives.

First years of artistic career

Paz Padilla was very clear that in addition to being an auxiliary, she wanted to belong to the media showbiz. For that reason, he leaves the hospital to attend to his studies at Fine arts from 1994. Upon completion, he received the distinction in Painting and Ceramics.

Your first chance as co-presenter came hand in hand with “Innocent, innocent”. Subsequently, he signed a contract with the company TVE to record a special program on December 24, depending on receiving Christmas on stage.

In the span of time 1997-1999 the project of “Martian Chronicles”. That space set the tone for his name to begin to be noticed in the media of the show, thanks to its success.

In 1998 he led the Cadiz Carnival, their hometown.

For the year 2008 and 2009 was the stellar image for Canal Sur, already with more than 10 years of experience in television, then she gives a space as a presenter to venture as a theater and television actress.

Raluy, a night at the circus”Becomes the first film to star in Padilla, with excellent reviews from the audience for its good quality in histrionics. Later, he worked on the series “Ala..Dina” and “My lovely neighbors”, 2000 and 2004, respectively.

In 2009 he joined the ranks of Telecinco to form a team in the famous program “Save me”, One of the most beloved of all the Spanish people. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, he drove alongside Jorge Javier Vazquez both events.

Birth of his daughter

Paz Padilla had her firstborn in the year 1997, under the name of Anna Ferrer, born from the first marriage to Albert Ferrer. Although this marriage was dissolved many years ago, it is a fact that it maintains a cordial relationship.

Anna Ferrer Padilla closely follows her mother’s career, becoming the example for the family to follow. For that reason, dabble in as enterprising with only 24 years of age. He just earned a distinction through Cosmopolitan for his accomplishments.

The issue of choosing the women entrepreneurs of 2021 proved a difficult task. However, Paz Padilla was truly proud to accompany her only daughter to the award ceremony. As a mother, she is very proud of each individual accomplishment of Ferrer.

With the production of your brand “No Ni Ná”, Ferrer automatically becomes a fairly young influencer with a successful future. Before entering show business, he studied economics, but his path was destined for other projects.

He received another recognition in the ingenuity of create fashion brands and designs that recently set a trend. At his age, he is capable of being the supporter of three different organizations, with the same relevance in each one.

If you have reason to admire Padilla, you will also have plenty to learn about his daughter’s career. With 700,000 followers on instagram It is a sufficient figure to conquer the lovers of fashion and nascent brands.

Padilla defines his daughter as an incredible being, as she has far exceeded part of her artistic work in 24 years. He is always steadfast in each achievement to celebrate it as if it were the first.

The humor of my life

Just as you know Paz Padilla as a presenter, theater, film and television actress, she also has an incredible talent for writing. “The humor of my life”Is the work that marks a before and after. There report how have the last months been after losing your husband Vidal.

This is 'The humor of my life', Paz Padilla's book that triumphs in bookstores

Padilla wants to help all the people who live a duel to cope with the pain after seeing that partner, confidant or loved one who has been through good times and bad. That is why he focuses his effort under the pen to project his emotions.

When Antonio died, there was never a lack of unconditional support for Paz. He even received an opinion that changed his life: they advised him express your feelings, everything lived after being widowed. Indeed, he paid attention to this appreciation and wrote his book.

The presenter claims that it has an undertone of self help with a touch of that humor that characterizes it. He sees in this project an enormous possibility of rescuing souls plunged by depression or who have not worked the duel in a great way.

What you can find in that book is a nice love story between Paz and Antonio. Emphasizes the disease and how they mitigated with body pain. Until the end of his days, Antonio Vidal was very happy for the support of his wife.

In the text he explains that no matter how optimistic he may be, he has that sentimental side surfaced from two recent losses: Antonio and his mother. She needs science to understand the why of things.

In this way, he strips his soul to displace the Humorous peace, to convey emotions like never before in his career. For that reason, the book is one of his favorites with a significant number of positive reviews.

Her love story with Antonio Vidal

You probably like real love stories, when you meet a partner with whom you want to share the rest of your life. This is what happened with Paz Padilla and Antonio Vidal: a love that lasted in time after a second wind.

And why a second wind? Well, Albert Ferrer, the father of his daughter, was present in his existence. However, he never built such a perpetual bond as that offered by Vidal many years ago. 20 years later they met again to resume a life project.

They were teenage boyfriendsShe was 14 years old and he was 17. Their paths were divided, each one in their own way. Life brought them together in 2016 to get married, becoming an infinite joy for both of them. Paz Padilla has never been so happy.

Keeping the flame of love allowed them to marry the sea as a witness. The wedding featured the closest people of the two. On Zahara de los Atunes both responded to “Yes, I accept.”

Like a real fairy tale. Thus the bride and groom arrived in front of the altar located on the beach: she, in a horse-drawn carriage; he, mounted on horseback leading the way. The reception could not have been more splendid. Many classify this wedding as secret.

A few days after the marriage, Padilla tells the media that he will never be separated again, because she’s tied to the man she always wanted. It explains that it is everything, the being that complements its existence and that unfortunately it is no longer among us.

The dismissal of Telecinco

After being the image of the channel for many years, Paz Padilla received news at the end of June 2021 that changed her life: the dismissal of the program “Go Talent”. The closest loved ones assure that she was heartbroken by a decision that at least she never expected.

In “Got Talent” he had the position of qualifying jury. To the surprise of her fans, the comedian is no longer part of this project after a “sudden dismissal”, As alleged in the statements.

Paz Padilla fired from 'Got Talent'

According to information that runs through the corridors of Telecinco, Rocio Carrasco will be in charge of replacing Padilla under the same role. This news took her by surprise, because she thought she was more tied to Telecinco than ever. Here the saying “nobody is indispensable”.

It can be a losing streak or a definitive message for the comedian to rest from the small screen. Although he did not see it that way, before long he made that decision with a cool head.

Now the program to find all-talented talents has only three jurors in attendance. According to the reality producer, this measure works perfectly to boost the ratings of each participant: “with three judges we will work better than ever”.

Maybe you miss the presence of Padilla in this contest, but don’t worry, because his image is more current than ever, with more work proposals that I will talk about in the next section.

Paz Padilla today

After the dismissal of the channel that saw her grow professionally, Padilla received another job offer instantly, this time in Channel Four With the program “Naked eye”. The dynamic consists of interacting with some participants.

The show will show if they are married, single, have a favorite sport or are fans of recording continuous videos for TikTok. The auditions of participants began in the month of August, with excellent attendance.

Hiring is one more reason for you to celebrate Paz Padilla’s success on television. There is no doubt that your image is a guarantee of safe workregardless of layoffs you’ve faced in the past.

Paz Padilla has taken every opportunity that life has thrown her way. Not only in the television industry he succeeded, but in his personal life, thanks to the unconditional love of Antonio Vidal, the birth of his daughter Anna and sharing with the health sector.

Like all celebrities, he has had his series of ups and downs. Your inner strength allows you to come out ahead of every challenge along the way. Perhaps for that reason she is very popular in show business, with television channels disputing her image.

To conclude, the humorist in her book “The humor of my life” is shown like never before. There he reveals his most human side, that of Paz who cries, suffers, forgives and gets angry. If you read it, you will be able to understand in depth his way of being.



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