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The caged eagle, I’m hot-blooded


It stinks, stinks, stinks


You can’t cage the eagle

Lock up a wolf in the zoo

Man I play it frank

I don’t count the blows in the back anymore

There for a long time

But I look like a youngster

You know that money makes me beautiful

I want to go to the top

Don’t take you for Rambo

Come take a walk in the lobby

Y’a de la poudre en bloc

Sold under the coat

In phantom red Mercedes

It’s the devil that opens the enclosure

On the spot without faults

Honey, I’m still hot-blooded


tain-pu band

I will never admit defeat

I don’t fear you anymore

I’m the Emperor of filth

The public finally saw it

In the contract it is included

My voice on the beat

I spot the intruders

I welcome them

Drugs affect my behavior

And on my fingers I have a lot of glue (triple F!)

Insult upon insult

I put belt shots

I’m going to tell you something

I hit the key

I spit on your dye

Barrettes are as big as fuckin Findus sticks

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