Alittihad Newspaper reports on UAE’s appeal for Syria to transition towards stability and development

New York (Union)

Yesterday, the UAE affirmed that it is time to move to a new phase of stability and development in Syria, and for countries to turn the pages of disagreement to address the Syrian crisis, away from the polarization and divisions witnessed by the international system, as traditional and intransigent positions that distinguish and divide between Syrians should not be adhered to. Damascus and the Syrian in Idlib.
And the UAE said, in a statement before the UN Security Council on the situation in Syria: “Last week marked the passage of twelve years since the outbreak of the war in Syria, from which the Syrians are still suffering from its dire repercussions,” adding: “The earthquake came to ravage the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and to add New pains for the population ».
And she stressed in the statement made by Ambassador Muhammad Abu Shehab, the country’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, the need to move to a new stage of stability and development in Syria, and to turn the pages of disagreement to address the Syrian crisis, stressing that the establishment of security and stability in Syria will not be achieved without addressing the various challenges. security, and devoting diplomatic efforts to resolving the crisis rather than merely managing it.
Abu Shahab said, “In this regard, we continue to express our support for the efforts of the United Nations and the endeavors of the Special Envoy for Syria to bring together regional and international political views, in a way that resolves the current stalemate in the political track, which has become more urgent today than ever before.”
He added, “We support the Secretary-General’s call for a ceasefire in all parts of Syria, and we renew our rejection of foreign interference in Syria, and we stress the need to respect its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.”
He continued, “In this context, we strongly condemn the airstrikes that caused damage at Aleppo International Airport, and we call on all countries to comply with international law and protect civilian infrastructure, especially after a humanitarian disaster.”
Ambassador Abu Shihab stressed that activating the Arab role in resolving Arab crises, including the Syrian crisis, is indispensable for establishing stability in the region. Our Syrian brothers after the catastrophic earthquake. He added, “My country recently hosted the Syrian President out of our keenness to enhance Arab and regional security and stability, and as an extension of our continuous solidarity and standing with the Syrian people during these harsh circumstances.”
With regard to the humanitarian situation, Abu Shihab reaffirmed the UAE’s full support for the brotherly Syrian people during this critical period, stressing that the state continues to respond to the difficult conditions as a result of the earthquake, whether by sending relief and medical aid to Syria and Turkey and providing field hospitals, or by working closely with The United Nations to alleviate the suffering of those affected, as our assistance amounted to more than 300 million US dollars to both countries, including 20 million dollars to support the United Nations urgent response plan for Syria. My country has also received many critical cases from Syria for treatment.
He stressed the need to reach all the areas affected by the earthquake through all appropriate ways and in an urgent manner.
He expressed his regret that no aid has been delivered across the lines since the earthquake occurred, which represents a dangerous exploitation of the current catastrophe as terrorist groups arbitrarily prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid inside Syria, in blatant disregard for humanitarian values ​​and principles, thus exacerbating the suffering of civilians. He said, “We must work to ensure that aid reaches across the lines without any obstacles, based on Security Council Resolution 2672.”
He stressed the need to make all available efforts to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland with pride, dignity, security and safety, and to respond to their humanitarian needs, and to take this into account during the implementation of early recovery and reconstruction projects, and in this regard expressed support for dialogue between Syria and Turkey to make progress in the refugee return file.

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