Alighieri Durante, known as Dante. Life and adventures of a man of the Middle Ages

A journey between 1200 and 1300, to tell the life of Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language and author of one of the greatest masterpieces of world literature, the Divine Comedy, which continues to be a subject of study for school students, research in the university environment, and a source of inspiration for artists, directors, writers, musicians. A journey led by Professor Alessandro Barbero with the “complicity” of a character from the time of the Supreme Poet, such as Giovanni Boccaccio, Dino Compagni, Leonardo Bruni, Giovanni and Filippo Villani, Jacopo Di Pandolfino, interpreted respectively by Martino Duane, Bruno Santini, Roberto Attias, Alessio Sardelli, Mirko Cardinale. All this is “Alighieri Durante, known as Dante. Life and adventures of a man of the Middle Ages ”, written by Professor Barbero with Davide Savelli, directed by Graziano Conversano, which Rai Cultura – after the success on Rai Storia – offers Saturday 2 July at 21.20 on Rai 3.
The docufilm reconstructs the first 36 years of Dante Alighieri’s life, from his childhood to his exile from Florence: these are the years of formation of the young Durante, or Dante, the years in which he meets Beatrice, in which he fights as a knight in Campaldino and in which decides to enter politics. The years with the greatest number of sources. And starting from the sources, the authors have chosen to give “voice and face” to witnesses and biographers of the exploits of the Supreme Poet, beyond the myth of him.
And there is no lack of Dante’s poetry which is also music, just as it could happen with his sonnets, destined to become songs. And it is up to two young rappers – Emme Mash and Elle – to give their very personal, but equally faithful interpretation of the sonnet “A each’alma prese, e gentil core”.
The narration of the documentary is set in the medieval castle of the Conti Guidi, in Poppi (Arezzo), which hosted Dante for a period of his exile, while the images that enrich the story were shot in his homeland, Florence.

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