Alice Song is zero, Thiago doesn’t work! 5 issues that Liverpool attacked Leicester

From winning to gain confidence It turns out to be pulled deeper than ever for “Reds” Liverpool, the former Premier League champion team, the last invasion to turn over Leicester City 1-3 on Saturday night ago. Which in addition to the disappointing performance in the field There are many more Here are five highlights from Jürgen Klopp’s side of the game.

– Confidence that (the more) shrinks

Alice Song is zero, Thiago doesn't work!  5 issues that Liverpool attacked Leicester

Understand that many “Reds” football fans are upset and frustrated with VAR who decided for Leicester to score a 1-1 draw until it became an important turning point in the game. But in the end, we have to look at the big picture. Which reflects that Liverpool this hour is very serious. Especially about confidence Because normally if it was last season Or previous season They can come back almost every time. After conceding a goal Or find something that doesn’t feel like you But it’s not for now Because after being hit “Siam Fox” hit the team’s concentration immediately fell off. Until there is an error as you can see And lose two more doors in a row

– Kabak is not ready.

Alice Song is zero, Thiago doesn't work!  5 issues that Liverpool attacked Leicester

This game, Osancabac, center-back young Turkish national team. Who was borrowed from Schalke 04, was given the opportunity to play for the first match in the Reds shirt color, plus a real starter because Fabinho had an injury problem. But as a result of his performance on the pitch, it is clear that Kabak still needs to make a lot of adjustments. Both about playing rhythm, communicating and tuning in understanding with teammates This is so clear that the moment you communicate with Alesson Becker until it allows Leicester to easily turn the 2-1 lead.

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-Alice Song must go through this period.

Alice Song is zero, Thiago doesn't work!  5 issues that Liverpool attacked Leicester

The mental state of the players on the team is in a very bad period. But it looks like Alisson Becker, the Brazilian first-hand goalkeeper Heavier than anyone, friend Even though this game has a pretty safe shot But it is once again that referred to the team easily concede goals. (The moment I don’t understand with Kabak) So the most important thing for Alice Song right now is to try to get through the bad times. Like this Because otherwise It will have a long-term impact on the team. If a player is the last defense of the team Lack of self-confidence

– Or will Thiago not suit the team?

Alice Song is zero, Thiago doesn't work!  5 issues that Liverpool attacked Leicester

Everyone knows that Thiago Alcantara football player of the Spanish national team. Is one of the very best in football But good players It is not that they can play with every team. And from his past performance, it seems that Thiago doesn’t really suit Liverpool’s style, especially this match where he has a clear problem with the speed of the game. Plus easy to lose the ball And not playing strong enough to help defend Which it may be true as many Questioning people

-Shin is already 10 people !!!

Alice Song is zero, Thiago doesn't work!  5 issues that Liverpool attacked Leicester

I cannot deny that The problem of players falling continuously It is another key factor in Liverpool’s poor performance. Because it has a huge impact on performance on the pitch and this game, James Milner has been hurt more. Another new defender, Ben Davis, was hurt before the match, which has been counted, and Liverpool now have 10 injured players (Quvin Kelleher, Fergill). Van Dyke, Joe Gomez, Jo Almatip, Diogo Chota, Fabinho, Naby Keita, Divock Origi, Ben Davis and James Milner. ) … I doubt the skill of the medical team. And the physicist at the club has come up

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– Subinho –

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