Ali Missoum (USCM), already at the peak

The new section, which “L’Opinion-Sports” dedicates to the young people of national tennis called upon to take over from our ex-Musketeers: Younes El Aynaoui, Hicham Arazi and Karim El Alami, continues to be detected in our nursery. So after the Stadiste Samy Iraqui, see our edition of Monday, November 23, it is the turn, today, of the young Ali Missoum, from the club of USCheminots, to climb on the fly to demonstrate what he is capable of. . This budding champion who was born on August 29, 2008 and who continues his schooling in 5th at the Lycée Descartes in Rabat. For his first love with the little yellow ball, it was at the Wifaq club that he took his first steps, at the age of four, on the recommendation of his dad. Why tennis and not another sport, our “guest” today threw the responsibility on his dad who was behind his choice: “It was a decision of my father who attended, at the time, the Wifaq. A choice that I do not regret today. The proof I am thriving wonderfully. And there, I thank my first coaches, Hakim Khoumri and Mehdi Ziadi, who deployed all their efforts to instill in me the love of the racket ”.

Studies first!
For his part, dad Karim had to admit: “Indeed, I was behind the integration of Ali into the tennis family. Like my son, I do not regret this good path which is tailor-made with his athletic abilities. He tasted and he liked. Now he is the one who manages his schedule and the choice of his tournaments. For the moment, we can only be satisfied, hamdoulilah, with our choice for tennis ”. How to combine studies and tennis, a question to which Ali replied with a passingshot: “Everything has its time. Studies first and tennis to come full circle for the day. I organize myself accordingly. There is no problem in this direction ”. And to continue on his record which already has 10 titles and 18 finals including the title of 11-year-old Moroccan champion in 2019. Sorry, at the start of his career where, quite recently, he has just completed his record in winning the 14-year-old draw and the mixed doubles draw at the Riad-club tournament.

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Go forward
The proof that our “nugget” of today is running smoothly. It is not a pure coincidence, but it is, rather, all a work which is behind this progression, as Ali confirms to us: “Of course that I spare no effort to try to move forward, but the credit goes to my current coaches, the Id M’barak brothers, Yassine and Youssef, who never stop giving me their advice and their know-how to move forward ”. The following, see “Landmarks”.

Federer and Younes

Ali Missoum does not hide his preferences and swears only by his idols of yesterday and today. Locally, it is the former Musketeer, Younes El Aynaoui, who remains his favorite that he always tries to imitate, especially with anger, determination and willingness to play, always, at the highest level. “This is the example that I always try to follow. Younes remains our real locomotive in this direction ”, had to recognize our seed of champion. But his true idol, of all time, remains the Swiss Roger Federer whom he appreciates for his game, his fair play and his longevity.

“Ali Missoum is a talented, hardworking and very disciplined player. Beyond his exceptional intrinsic qualities, he is an adorable boy, well educated, attentive to his supervisors and who has his head on his shoulders. In addition, he is considered one of the great hopes of Moroccan tennis, even though we all know how complicated a path to the top level can be, and how much a youngster in training must be protected, especially great prospects that everyone sees too quickly. For this, Ali can count on the presence and support of his parents, the support and supervision of his coaches and his club ”. This is the testimony of an expert in the field of the temper of a DTN executive, in the person of Mehdi Ait Barhouch.

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