Ali B replaces Dan Karaty as a jury member at Holland’s Got Talent | NOW

Ali B is just before the start of the recording of the new season of Holland’s Got Talent gathered to join the jury. He is the replacement for Dan Karaty, who lives in the United States, who cannot travel to the Netherlands because of the corona measures.

That made RTL 4, where the eleventh season will be shown from August 29, announced on Wednesday.

In addition to Ali B, the jury consists of Angela Groothuizen, Chantal Janzen and Paul de Leeuw. The program is presented by Humberto Tan.

“I’m sorry Dan can’t be there, but I’m really looking forward to it Holland’s Got Talent cooperate “, says Ali B.” The diversity of so many different people with different talents makes the program so much fun. “

Ali B has the necessary experience as a jury member and coach for talent shows and that is why the choice was made quickly, says Peter van der Vorst on behalf of RTL. “He has since X Factor and of course at The voice of Holland proven that he is a fantastic jury member who can judge people on their performance with humor and skill. “

The 28-year-old rapper does not get much time to prepare for his new job. The recordings will start on Thursday.


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