Ali B. raises middle fingers to critics

The 39-year-old rapper slash entrepreneur is done with the negative messages on his body and his diet. After Anouk compared him to a ‘cramped Chippendale in menopause’ and Johan Derksen also expressed his displeasure, Ali hits back.

Ali won’t let the cheese eat off the bread. Although cheese probably isn’t in his diet and neither is carbohydrate-rich food like bread. On Instagram he writes: ‘Yes people yes. Yes my pecs are underdeveloped. Yes my shoulders too. Yes, I have not shaved my few chest hairs. Yes my arms are not trained. Yes you can see Trump’s face on my stomach if you look closely.’

It doesn’t stop there. ‘But above all yes, these two middle fingers are for all those people and ESPECIALLY women who always talk about body shaming, but have been cracking me up everywhere in comments under different posts.’ Clear language.


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