Alhilal Football Club to Announce Signing of Lionel Messi for Record-Breaking Contract

Riyadh:It is indicated that the Saudi Arabian club Alhilal will announce the addition of superstar Lionel Messi to the team on Tuesday. The information is that the club is preparing for this.

Messi is brought to the Saudi club in an annual contract worth around 3500 crore rupees. The move is supported by the Saudi government. The manager Christophe Gaultier stated yesterday that Messi will step down from the French club PSG at the end of the season. Spanish club F.C. Messi’s move to the Saudi club is becoming active in a situation where his return to Barcelona is almost closed.

The announcement that Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at another club in Saudi Arabia, Al Nasr, should also be added to this. The Saudi government is planning to make a face in world football. For Saudi Arabia, which aims to host the World Cup, it is essential that the big players play in the league. The move is to use Messi as a player and the face of Saudi football.

Messi played in PSG for two seasons and scored 32 goals in 74 matches. Won the French League but failed to win the Champions League.

2023-06-03 20:30:00

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