Algeria, the English virus turns immigrants into plague victims

After suffering for months being stranded in Europe, repatriated Algerians, suspected of carrying the English virus, are not really well received.

When Algerians stranded in Europe or Turkey beg to be able to return home, no one in Algiers is in a hurry to repatriate them. The risk of importing the English variant of Covid-19 is exasperating tensions.

Although the borders are officially closed, flights continue to link Algiers and Oran with Marseille and Paris. Combining the science of bureaucracy with the art of last-minute improvisations, the Algerian consulates in France organize the repatriation of Algerian nationals sparingly.

Alarmist speeches

Today, these “ghosts” in the country are more cursed than ever in Algeria. In question, the alarmist speeches of the Algerian doctors. ” If he returns to Algeria, this British variant would bring Algeria’s capacities (in health matters) to their knees in two months “, Warns Professor Lounici in an interview with the news site All About Algeria, TSA. « Regarding collective measures, I hope that the authorities anticipate because the variant is in Portugal, Marseille, etc. Air traffic must continue to be suspended with all countries where the variant is present », He pleads.

Criticizing the authorities who have not stopped the repatriation flights, the daily El-Watan wonders: ” Are these travelers rigorously screened for carriers, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic? »

In the absence of a credible government word, medical teachers are very popular in Algeria. As the government keeps promising vaccines that don’t arrive, the medical profession is sounding the alarm.

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Insufficient means

If the fear of the English variant has spread to Algeria, it is because of a shattering statement by a professor of medicine, Professor Kamel Bouzid, who has the reputation of not having his tongue in his pocket. This eminent specialist revealed to Algerians that their country does not even have the means to identify, called “sequencing”, the new virus. The head of the oncology department of the Pierre et Marie Curie Center in Algiers, very old school, revealed that “ in Algeria, there are lots of sequencers but nobody knows how to make them work. Or those who know how to make them work do not have the reagents. We are in the problem that eighteen cents are always missing to make a franc ”.

For the World Health Organization (WHO), better sequencing capacity is a priority. Maria Van Kerkhove, the head of the Covid-19 of the world organization, called“unbelievable” the number of footage shared so far, but lamented that it only came from a handful of countries. ” Improving the geographic coverage of sequencing is essential for the world to have eyes and ears (on) the changes in the virusShe said on an online forum.

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