Alfredo Cerruti died: he was the founder of the Squallor and successful TV author

Alfredo Cerruti died at 78. His most successful musical adventure was undoubtedly with the Squallor group (whose album “Pompa” has just been re-released), the first truly insane group of Italian music. In addition to him, the lyricists Giancarlo Bigazzi and Daniele Pace, the musician Tot Savio and the record company Elio Gariboldi also included. Born almost as a joke in 1969, the group met in the recording room without texts or scores. Accomplices demijohns of wine and some cheerful little women emptied the bilge of their creativity made of heavy double meanings and politically incorrect, managing to sell thousands of copies of records with vulgarly allusive titles and covers: Troy, Cow, Pump, Trumpet, Changing, Arrapaho, Birds of Italy, Touch the apricot. And with him she goes with the last of the Squallor.

The relationship with Sugar and Caselli

He could be met at the Casin di Sanremo during the evenings of the Festival. He was an avid gamer, as well as a talent scout (for decades artistic director of CBS Sugar and then of Ricordi), television author, spendthrift and womanizer (he had a relationship with Mina in the 1970s that lasted three years). While he was busy lining up chips if someone asked him how is it going? he replied in a meteorological way: Bolzano minus 8. It meant that he had lost 8 million lire up to that moment. Cerutti was an eclectic character: both Ladislao Sugar and his son Piero had entrusted him with the artistic direction of Sugar. Relationships cooled when Caterina Caselli, Piero’s wife, founded the committed label called l’Ascolto within the company. Cerruti never hid his hostility at Caterina’s entry into the company.

TV programs

Cerruti then signed many successful television programs Who we bring up, Back all, Cocco and Tonight I throw myself Besides The Sanremo case, The brains and the ’98 -’99 and ’99 -2000 editions of Domenica In. Participation in first person in the Arbore TV program All back and he gave voice to a surreal dialogue between two police gazelles (Volante 1 avolante 2). In recent years he was always with water in his throat. Besieged by the taxman who had seized his copyrights and retirement has always cultivated dreams of greatness. He was the first in Milan to have a mobile phone in the car. The son Alfredo Cerruti jr., Of a very different nature from his father, was engaged and manager of Laura Pausini for over ten years (until 2002).

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