Alfin’s confession about his own motives pierced Sheikh Ali Jaber, Oh my God

The perpetrator of the stabbing of Sheikh Ali Jaber was brought by the police to the Bandarlampung Police Headquarters for further investigation on Sunday night (14/9/2020). Photo: ANTARA / Dian Hadiyatna, BANDARLAMPUNG – Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Regional Police, Kombes Pol Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, explains the progress of the stabbing case investigation. Syekh Ali Jaber.

He said the police had up to now examined 15 witnesses related to the stabbing of the preacher from Medina.

“Last night we (police, red) have already done the title of the case, until today 15 witnesses have been examined,” said Pandra, in Bandarlampung, Wednesday (16/9).

Pandra said that the witnesses were presented to complete the case files with the suspect Alfin Andrian (24) so ‚Äč‚Äčthat they could be transferred to the public prosecutor.

“The fifteen witnesses we examined were people who were in the location of the crime scene (TKP), neighbors, families of the suspect and expert witnesses, as well as witnesses who saw the incident directly. Including women who were invited to take photos by the victim and uncle. suspect, “he explained.

He said that based on the confession of the suspect when examined by a psychiatrist, AA’s motivation for committing a criminal act was because he felt nervous about the event.

Moreover, he continued, the activity was not far from his house so that the delivery of the da’wah of Syekh Ali Jaber through loudspeakers disturbed the suspect because he was noisy and moved his heart to take a sharp object and then point to the scene and attack the victim.

“There is an element of threatening the life of the victim and the testimonies of witnesses who have seen first hand both those around the location and other supporting witnesses that we (police, ed) have obtained,” he said.


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