Alexey Adeev does not lose hope to return to Dom 2 again

The former participant of the reality show does not watch the broadcasts, but follows the project participants on social networks and still believes in them the TV doesn’t have a title on its face. Alexey Adeev does not lose hope of returning to House 2 again. He admits that he has not found a girl and, of course, is still ready to build a family with a decent and beautiful woman.

House 2 does not need such beautiful children as mine, trying to offend Adeev current members of House 2. He also reached out to the project’s producer through stories on his personal blog and hinted that he was waiting for an invite.

Since Adeev was removed from the project due to a conflict with Ivan Barzikov, which we spoke about in the sloka, in the near future, perhaps in the next few years, Alexei will not return to the television project. Therefore, he misses Christina Bukhynbalte behind the fence.

Adeev has not yet managed to return to Polyana, but he is already creating provocative situations. Will they probably return the pizza maker only when they decide to send Barzikov home in disgrace?

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