Alexandru Nazare attacks Florin Cîțu: I had good results, how can I resign? / You haven’t heard me talk about the economic downturn – News sources

Remanded from the post of Minister of Finance, Alexandru Nazare (PNL) told Aleph News that he never spoke of the “economic duel”, which Florin Cîțu did, because the rulers must be prudent and balanced.

Here are the main statements made by Alexandru Nazare for Aleph News:

“I was talking to the chief of staff, I was waiting. In April, they failed to speak to the prime minister. There were other occasions: we met in the elevator at the Parliament. And in the hall, to vote. I called, I wrote, I sent addresses, I tried to enter. I tried every way, I understand he was busy. The lack of communication persisted for several months “

“The prime minister called me the week the sources with my reshuffle appeared. The sources appear on Monday, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Cîţu says that it is not true. The press told me that he had received the information from Cîţu’s office. I join the coalition, the prime minister says that the sources are real from his cabinet as well. I said to him: Florin, let’s talk, let’s solve. I asked him why we couldn’t solve the problems, I told him to relax the situation. It would have been useful to have an objective assessment. I told him to discuss in the PNL leadership forums. It was a form of respect for PNL leaders “

“Mr. Orban knew the situation. I tried to persuade the prime minister to give up the idea. They were successes that we had, appreciated by the prime minister. I couldn’t resign because I wasn’t giving up. I don’t take any blame for things that don’t exist. I had good results, how can I resign? ”.

“I will choose between Cîţu and Orban after making an analysis. At the moment, I am trying to close the handover-receipt procedures “.

“Evaluation discussions have been going on for more than 3 months. It is a centralizer in Government on evaluation. Each ministry sent the documents to the Government “.

“I had a lot of disputes with the ministers, on normative acts, on expenses. The disputes were not public, I settled them in private. The discussions on the budget lasted 2 months and were very tense “.

“I tried 6 times to introduce the reorganization project of the Ministry of Finance on the agenda of the government meeting. Prime Minister Cîţu did not give a reason why he did not want the reorganization. He once asked me if it was urgent. I said “yes”. I don’t know what bothered Mr. Cîţu. It is true, the project provided for the establishment of the Legal Directorate of the ministry. The Legal Department was abolished by Florin Cîţu. I sent 4 reorganization options to the prime minister’s office. The Cyber ​​Center depends on this reorganization. “

“The appointment of the head of ANAF depends only on the prime minister. I couldn’t think of something I was perfectly aware I couldn’t do. “

“The Prime Minister’s Control Corps? No problem, send it, sent it in June. What do we have to hide? Nothing. They asked me for documents, I gave them. I don’t know now why he sent the control body. It is possible to look for elements for evaluation “.

“There are no delays in the projects of the Ministry of Finance. It’s a matter of inelegance what happened. I took over the found projects without any comments “.

“There were several announcements with the cash registers from year to year (…) The connection was announced in July, September, December. And in December, Prime Minister Cîţu announced the postponement of the deadline for March 31. (…) The application was blocked, tested and did not work. I started an in-house cash register application. (…) We decided to choose the application of the Ministry of Finance, now 90,000 cash registers are connected ”.

“There were many normative acts to which the Ministry of Finance had observations. I approved negatively, I returned normative acts “.

“Romania’s public debt is 49.9% of GDP. I don’t know if you’ve heard of any of my statements about economics. I think we need to be careful and balanced. I’m very careful when it comes to forecasts. “

“We at the Ministry of Finance were not involved in the PNRR negotiations. We asked to be involved. I know that Minister Ghinea has requested a new extension. Ghinea’s request for postponement on PNRR was sent 1 month ago. I am convinced that Minister Ghinea can explain why. There was a fugitive discussion in the Government on this subject. Prime Minister Cîţu knows about Ghinea’s request “.

“If you are also PNL president and prime minister, there can be greater coherence. If the prime minister is not the president of the PNL, the president should work with the prime minister. Our role is not to analyze speeds. It is our duty to make the coalition work. “



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