Alexandra Tsekalo summed up the low fence

In early November, three bandits in the masks of the evil clown Joker attacked the house near Moscow of 57-year-old businesswoman Victoria Chelysheva, whom the media dubbed “singer Alexei Vorobyov’s mother-in-law.” The musician met Victoria’s daughter Tatyana Chelysheva on the fourth season of the Bachelor show. They had a short romance. And then Tatyana said that she was raising her son from Vorobyov. True, Lesha did not recognize the child. Meanwhile, Express Gazeta decided to recall the loudest and most unusual star robberies.

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In December 2008, when Alexander Tsekalo was still married to Vera Brezhneva’s sister, they lived with their children in a rented mansion in the village of Glukhovo near Moscow. A month and a half before the robbery attack, Vika Galushka gave birth to a daughter, Sasha, from the producer.

– We were having dinner, watching TV, when this whole nightmare started! Chekalo said. – The child slept in the stroller on the street. They broke in, tied me, the nanny and my wife with electric cables. I was kicked multiple times on the head, back, arm, leg. The one who spoke to his wife put a pistol with a silencer to her temple.

The looters stole 7 million rubles. cash and jewelry for about 4.5 million rubles. Already at the police, Tsekalo compiled a list of stolen jewelry: a white gold Tiffany ring with diamonds, two wedding rings, a Rolex men’s watch, a natural pearl necklace, a gold alarm clock and nine other items.

A year later, three looters were arrested. They turned out to be citizens of Moldova: 31-year-old Victor Gogu, 28-year-old Anatoly Mashkautsan and 29-year-old Igor Gauga, the former head of the gang.

– We saw that the house was not guarded, – testified Gauga. – No security cameras. Also, the fence was low. They went in and did it really fast.

The bandits transported expensive jewelry through intermediaries in France, Italy and Poland. And with the proceeds, each of the robbers bought a foreign car and a luxurious apartment (each with an area of ​​u200bu200b100 “squares”) in the Moldovan town of Causeni.

The perpetrators confessed to another 15 robbery attacks in private homes. They were sentenced to long terms. Ringleader Gauga, for example, received 11 years in prison.

The same house where Valery Leontiev’s apartment was robbed

Losses and hangings

  • Anastasia Volochkova’s mansion was surrounded in 2013, when the ballerina was on tour in Warsaw, and her husband, daughter Ariadna, a nanny and a maid stayed at home. Three intruders beat and tied everyone except the girl. And they took away two safes with valuables worth 16 million rubles. Two years later they were detained in the Tver region.
  • In the summer of 2014, a thief broke into the apartment of the star of the TV series “Happy Together” Natalya Bochkareva. His loot was cash and gold items worth 6.3 million rubles. The actress at that time was on a business trip. The villain has never been found.
Valery Leontyev
  • The thieves entered Valery Leontiev’s three-story apartment in a guarded house built in 1912 through a secret back door, having studied the architectural plans of pre-revolutionary buildings. As a result, the singer lost 5 million rubles, a couple of expensive stage costumes and watches decorated with diamonds. “They haven’t found anyone and won’t find anyone,” Leontiev shrugged. “Vesyak for works, a financial loss for me, but, thank God, nothing more.”

Photo source: Mikhail Frolov/KP, Larisa Kudryavtseva, Boris Kudryavov

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