Alexandra Lúgaro apologizes to the Dominican community

Although she refused to be involved in the case for discrimination of national origin awarded against her parents and the company in which she worked as executive director, the candidate for governor for the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Alexandra Lúgaro, today apologized to the dominican community for the humiliations to which she has been subjected on the island.

The controversy surrounding the ruling in favor of the Dominican Virginia Hernández, former Chief Financial Officer of the América Aponte & Associates company, owned by Lúgaro’s parents, came today before the MVC’s consideration., who would speak on the subject between tomorrow, Thursday, anticipated the president of the new party, Ana Irma Rivera Lassén.

Lúgaro recognized that the situation could have a political cost in his race for the government.

“My north has never been how many votes are won or lost with what you do. My goal has always been to do what is right, to do what is fair, and sometimes it has cost me votes, and sometimes it has earned me votes. I am not here to give nice ideas. I am here to do what is right for people, “he said exclusively to The new day.

Lúgaro met today with the president of the Dominican Human Rights Committee, Jose Rodriguez. This media was present during the conclave in which the MVC candidate took the opportunity to apologize to the criticism and public questions that the lawsuit filed in 2015 has generated.

“I apologize because you know everything that the Dominican community lives in this country. I apologize because I have Dominican friends, because I have worked with Dominican people. Because a Dominican family gave me the opportunity to work in their business for many years and, with that, I was able to pay for my studies at the Law School. I apologize because it is so sad that there are people who use other people’s pain, and what happens as a political ball, “he said.

Lúgaro stressed that she was never sued in the case for discrimination, and assured that Hernández’s accusations did not occur. He insisted that the controversy was adjudicated in favor of the plaintiff because her parents did not answer the appeal because they were immersed in the health of their father, who died that year of cancer.

The gubernatorial candidate praised Hernández. Virginia, more than an employee, was my right hand. What I can do is reaffirm my commitment to eradicate discrimination and xenophobia. Work and listen to the Dominican community to prevent these incidents from occurring. If I had Virginia in front of me, the first thing I would do is listen, see if she ever felt that way. See what else I could have done, “he said.

Rodríguez, meanwhile, accepted Lúgaro’s apology. “Accepted, licensed,” said the Dominican leader on the island. He commented that a family member of Hernández contacted him and told him that the situation was in the past. “I have been clear, yes there were some facts. The graduate has apologized, and I think this is academic already, “he said.

During the meeting, Rodríguez presented 10 proposals to serve the Dominican community, and all were welcomed by Lúgaro. Among the initiatives are the creation of an emergency fund to meet the needs of Dominicans; allow that regardless of immigration status, they can obtain a driver’s license; that a transversal policy be established on rights and adequate treatment and have representation in police reform.

The MVC intervenes

Meanwhile, Rivera Lassén confirmed, separately, that the MVC analyzes the matter. “Between today and tomorrow, expressions will be issued … We have been working on this issue with the seriousness it has, and it is not a light thing,” said the party’s president and also a candidate for the Senate.

“We are working with that very carefully and, at this moment, we have been giving (space) to her (Lúgaro) to do these kinds of meetings and expressions,” he added.



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  1. I’m assuming this money being funded will come out of US tax payer dollars. Can someone please shut THAT border down.No one seems to be paying attention to the swarm coming from that side of the country and now drivers licenses to undocumented illegal immigrants?

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