Alexander Varley: The Rising Star Carrying on the Family Legacy

Not long ago, the celebrity heir celebrated his 38th birthday.

Natalya Varley became a mother twice. And her youngest son Alexander decided not to continue the work of his family, but nevertheless glorified his surname throughout the world.

The fact is that Alexander performs as part of the group The BeatLove, which is the only cover band of The Beatles in Russia. Artists try to match their idols in everything. They go on stage in similar images, order costumes from Liverpool, the homeland of the Beatles, and use identical instruments. And they are known not only in Russia: the group constantly tours many countries, including England, where fans shower them with compliments.

As fans note, son Varley inherited the beauty of his mother and father, Vladimir Tikhonov. Alexander has already won the hearts of millions of fans and, as the public is sure, has become a worthy successor to the famous family.

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