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Alexander Klaws is an artist who actually stays in the background, but due to the current corona crisis and the way the federal government, above all Angela Merkel, has dealt with the corona virus, the singer’s collar has now burst. And how! He ventured his anger on Facebook and made a clear statement.

Alexander Klaws feels ignored and forgotten

You have certainly never heard such clear words from Alexander Klaws! The “DSDS” winner of the first season is actually a well booked artist, plays in musicals and open airs and of course makes music. But he has not been able to work for over a year. No, to be precise, he MUST NOT work. The reason is known: Corona and the lockdown that was subsequently decided simply forbids the 37-year-old. Concerts, open airs – all canceled! Cinema and theater – closed for months! An unreasonable situation, as Alexander Klaws finds, because he simply feels forgotten and even ignored by the government! On Facebook he now vented his anger in a long post and called for action!

He gets to the point

For Alexander Klaws, several things are going really wrong in Germany at the moment. Because, contrary to what was emphasized by politicians, he did not receive any corona bridging aid, let alone unemployment benefit, because he had “contracts” – which he was not allowed to fulfill. “Why is there no percentage aid based on the 2 years before Corona (such as. In the CH where you get an average of 80% from the years 2018/2019) or what you get, for example. while Corona would have earned. Why doesn’t everyone get a tax exemption instead of developing some billions devouring Corona warning apps with this money that don’t work anyway !!! Recently even with a diary function … Who are you to blow OUR tax money to the wind for such crap, instead of saving several industries with exactly this money or at least supporting them where it is necessary “, he asks angrily.

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RED Alert – Help, Our Culture Is Dying!

Alexander Klaws finds this particularly unfair

However, Alexander Klaws finds it particularly unfair that special regulations apparently apply to professional football: “For example, professional football, and I’m one of the biggest football nerds who was also talked about on the show, can’t just be happy THAT it’s allowed to play at all, no – people complain that the poor millionaires have three games ‘have to’ complete the week. Then professional football flies to get around bans, prefer to go to another country (see Europa League) to be able to play there, and don’t even have to be quarantined after returning! A Thomas Müller, whom I appreciate very much, catches himself before the Club World Cup final in Qatar, whatever Corona, but the game will still be played at any price. ” Particularly bitter: The Karl May Festival, at which the singer appears as Winnetou, may have to be canceled this year! A farce for Klaws: “It’s not about me as ‘Winnetou’! It’s about an entire region that more or less goes bankrupt because you’re picking your nose instead of offering concepts. “

Urgent appeal

For Alexander Klaws, the measure is finally full after one year of Corona. That is why his appeal to the government is unequivocal: “Dear government! Acts humanely at last – offers alternatives on how to learn to live WITH the virus, and don’t waste any more time and money. Our society is already divided enough, does not reinforce this even more by measuring with two different standards and allowing one to do everything, but nothing to the other. For my part, I am neither a conspiracy theorist nor a critic of the government, but I trusted and supported you for 1 year and followed you for the good of all of us. After one year later, despite all the measures, we are just as far along as in some countries that had fewer or no measures, it is enough! ” Not only do we fully support Alexander Klaw’s words, his fans and followers also support the entertainer with great encouragement and praise in the comments. The only question is whether these honest words got through to politics – and make a difference …

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Alexander Klaws: “I walk for hours with my children in the forest”

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Alexander Klaws: How sad! He missed that special moment


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