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photo by Matiss Anderson.

On December 3, the Alexander Chuck Award Ceremony “Alexander Chuck’s 120th Living Room” took place in the exhibition hall “Riga Art Space”, where the Alexander Chuck Awards were presented in a solemn atmosphere.

“After getting acquainted with and evaluating the fourteen works submitted to the competition, the jury commission acknowledged that despite the difficult time of cultural life, 2021 has brought innovative, innovative and high-quality ideas in the interpretation of the city of Riga in various forms of artistic expression. Reflecting Chuck’s personality and creativity. “It simply came to our notice then to award three prizes and two recognitions, ”says Antra Medne, the director of the A. Chuck Museum and a member of the jury.

Alexander Chuck received the award for his bright and long-term contribution to the creation of Alexander Chuck’s poetic productions and proof of the value of the poet’s creative work “Chuck in the Peace of the Country on the Wilson Porch” actor Mārtiņš Wilsons, but for the unique and talented contribution to the translation of the series of poems by Alexander Chuck “Those Affected by Eternity” and the international popularization of the poet’s work – the cooler Olga Petersone. In turn, an artist and a poet Heli Laksonen received the award for bright Latvian-Finnish cultural dialogue, creating conversational poetry and new translations of Alexander Chuck’s poetry.

The art historian was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council Silvia Grosa – on the emphasis on the uniqueness of the aesthetics of Riga Art Nouveau buildings and the research of the history of decorative painting workshops in the monograph “Decor in the Art Nouveau Architecture of Riga” – and musician, producer Maris Briezkalns – for a successful interpretation of the image of Riga in music, creating Raimonds Pauls concert program “For My Riga” and instrumental music recordings “Raimonds Pauls Trio – A Walk in Riga”.

Riga City Council Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Alexander Chuck Museum of the Association of Cultural Institutions of Riga Municipality in cooperation with the Alexander Chuck Society presents the Alexander Chuck Awards every two years in two nominations – for artistic, innovative interpretation of Riga in literature, music, architecture, book, design, film , theater or visual arts and for his significant contribution to the research, preservation, promotion or translation of Alexander Chuck ‘s work.

The Alexander Chuck Award was first presented in 2001, on the poet’s 100th birthday. The author of the award is the sculptor Andris Vārpa. The Alexander Chuck Award Ceremony brings together interested people and attracts more and more people to explore the personality and work of the poet A. Chuck.

PHOTO GALLERY:, photo by Matiss Anderson.

Many prominent cultural figures have become the winners of the award – poets Jānis Rokpelnis and Uldis Bērziņš, actors Imants Skrastiņš and Artis Robežnieks, photographer Māra Brašmane, artists Aivars Vilipsons, Māris Subačs, Pāvels Šēnhofs, composer Uldis Stabulnieks, writers Zigmund , literary scholars Silvija Radzobe, Andra Konste and Antra Medne, translators Rauls Čilačava and Aksīnija Mihailova and others.

The recording of the Alexander Chuck Award Ceremony “Alexander Chuck’s 120th Living Room” will be on view from the exhibition hall “Riga Art Space” on December 7. YouTube profile.

Literary and cultural education dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Alexander Chuck has been extended until December 19, 2021 in the exhibition hall “Riga Art Space”. exposition “From Alexander to Chuck”, in which visitors can get a visual and philosophical idea of ​​the contribution, heritage and personality of the Riga city poet.




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