Alex Rins Criticizes Nakagami, Race Direction & Stewards


Alex Rins failed to finish again, this time due to the triggered incident Takaaki Nakagami after the start. He criticized many parties including Race Direction & stewards.

Alex Rins already had to go out at the first corner in MotoGP Catalunya 2022, Sunday (5/6/2022) evening WIB. He was swept away by Nakagami’s motorbike, which fell due to entering a corner too hard and braking too late.

The ‘victim’ of Nakagami is not just the Suzuki rider. Ducati rider Francesco Bagnaia also fell after Nakagami’s head hit the rear tire of his motorcycle.

This is the second time in a row Rins was involved in an incident with Nakagami after the Italian MotoGP at Mugello last. At that time the Spaniard fell after colliding with Nakagami in the eighth round.

Nakagami continued to race at that point. These two incidents made Rins furious, but he was also increasingly annoyed with Race Direction and Steward for not taking any steps.

Well, sincerely, first of all I wish Taka well because I saw him in the hospital with a very bad face. But he couldn’t go on like this. He can’t race like this. He crossed the line earlier,” he was quoted as saying Crash.

“But the second thing that is unacceptable and makes no sense at all is Race Direction, Stewards, saying there is no further action regarding the events at the race. Today they showed that Stewards is not at the MotoGP level,” added the 26-year-old rider.

Rins’s disappointment was exacerbated because he injured his left wrist, as a result of being thrown from the motorbike and crashing onto the asphalt. He suspects a fractured hand and this means there is a potential for him to be absent.

“Obviously I’m injured now. We’re racing at 350 km/h and it’s not a game, okay? So like I said, they (Stewards) are not at the level they should be,” continued Rins.

“First, Taka crosses the track quite dangerously. If there is a driver who gets a little close to him, he will surely hit him.”

“Secondly, he braked very late and the front tire lost grip. I mean, that’s obvious isn’t it?”

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