Alex Caniggia Shows Off New Dental Procedure and Throws Shade at L-Gante

During the last months, the presenter of The Forever Strangers (thirteen) Alexander Caniggia, has undergone major changes on an aesthetic and physical level to feel comfortable with his image. Now, The media surprised his followers by posting on his Instagram stories, the step by step of a new dental procedure that was done and exposed the absence of several piecesas well as irregular shapes in the front teeth.

From the office of his trusted dentist, Charlotte Caniggia’s brother announced very happily what appears to be a new treatment for the placement of veneers. Even, He took advantage of the situation to throw a new stick at the cumbiero L-Gante and revive their fight through the networks. “I’m like you”he wrote in one of the photos where we see him without one of his teeth.

Alex Caniggia surprised everyone by showing images of his new aesthetic procedure and his direct for L-Ghent (Photo: Instagram / alexcaniggia)

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For his part, L-Gante decided to take Caniggia’s provocations with humor and in one of his latest posts on the camera’s social network, the artist reposted the photo of the presenter and only limited himself to answering “hahahahaha that was good.”

L-Gante humorously took Alex Caniggia's provocations about his teeth., (Photo: Instagram / lgante_keloke, alexcaniggia)

L-Gante humorously took Alex Caniggia’s provocations about his teeth., (Photo: Instagram / lgante_keloke, alexcaniggia)

Since his participation in The Hotel of the Famous (eltrece), the physical transformation of Alex Caniggia has been total, an issue that had a positive impact on his self-esteem. However, this was not always the case, according to an unknown story that journalist Mariana Brey exposed about Melody Luz’s boyfriend in 2022, noting that During his early days on television, the “Emperor” hardly spoke for one reason: “He had very ugly teeth.”

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Alex Caniggia challenged L-Gante and hit him where it hurts the most: “He’s a dog that barks”

the war between Alex Caniggia y L-Gante added another battle. the driver of The usual strangers (eltrece) challenged the musician to have a battle of roosters and He criticized him for the way he sang.

In an interview with show partners (eltrece), the media once again questioned the creator of Cumbia 420 for how he dresses and, furthermore, because of how he sings

Alex Caniggia destroyed Wanda Nara and L-Gante with a harsh survey (Photo: Instagram/alexcaniggia)

Alex Caniggia destroyed Wanda Nara and L-Gante with a harsh survey (Photo: Instagram/alexcaniggia)

“How come los rounds on social networks against L-Gante?”, asked the chronicler of the program, in a brief talk that was given in the corridors of eltrece. Despite being in a rush to go record his show, Caniggia answered everything.

“L-Ghent, I’ll tell you something. Elegant I am. That cannot be called a singer because it’s a barking dog, directly. It happens that I am very crack rhyming. Did you see my rhymes?Alex returned.

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