Alert! Zombie Outbreak That Attacked Canadian Deer, Can It Be Contagious to Humans?

PR TASIKMALAYA – Maybe all this time we’ve only heard about it plague zombie from a film or television series.

But who would have thought it turned out plague zombie this is exactly there and is even already attacking the type Russian typical Canada.

Worse yet, plague zombie the one who attacks Russian Canada this is reportedly close to life man.

Reported from the World of Buzz page, plague zombie that attacks the population Russian Of Canada and reportedly close to life man this is known as chronic wasting disease (CWD).

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According to a researcher from the University of Alberta, Margo Pybus, the CWD epidemic is spreading Russian who roamed freely in the meadows also around the park.

Of Canada itself, the disease was first discovered in 1996 on an elk farm. Then it started to spread among the elk population (Russian big) wild.

CWD was first detected thanks to samples submitted under the hunter watchdog program.

Through this program, hunters provide samples from their prey to check whether their prey is infected with disease or clean.

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