Alert! This non-communicable disease has the potential to accelerate death due to Covid-19, JAKARTA – A study revealed that a number of health risks, such as obesity, high blood sugar, and outdoor air pollution, have contributed to the death rate from Covid-19.

Research The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) published in The Lancet, a medical journal, reveals that. Furthermore, it shows that the world is approaching a turning point in increasing life expectancy.

“Most of these risk factors can be prevented and treated, by addressing them will provide great social and economic benefits,” said Professor Christopher Murray, Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation / IHME at the University of Washington, United States, quoted from published research. The Lancet, Sunday (18/10/2020).

This condition, he explained, was caused by the failure of society to change unhealthy behaviors, especially those related to food quality, calorie intake and physical activity.

It is also driven by inadequate attention from stakeholders and funding for public health and behavioral research.

“Risk factors such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, and non-communicable diseases (PTM) such as cardiovascular types can increase the risk of death due to Covid-19,” the study explained.

Richard Horton, Chief Editor The Lancet, said non-communicable diseases have played an important role in accelerating the death of more than 1 million people related to Covid-19 to date.

“And it will continue to affect health conditions in every country after this pandemic has subsided,” he said.

For this reason, emergency action is needed to overcome global chronic diseases, social inequality, and Covid-19. This needs to be done to ensure a strong health system, so that countries in the world can be stronger in facing the threat of a future pandemic.



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