Alert! China Claims Covid-19 Can Be Contagious Through Frozen Food

PRECISION JOURNAL – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) China recently provided new findings that a person can contract this virus if they come in direct contact with frozen food packaging that has been exposed to the Corona virus.

After the CDC China detect and isolate this virus, finally it is known that this virus is able to live in the outer packaging of frozen food. This was confirmed last week in the city of Qingdao.

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This case is the first discovery in the world, this virus is likely transmitted remotely through frozen food.

Reported by Reuters, this started with two dock workers from Qingdao, the workers were declared as people without symptoms (OTG) and this case refers to 12 other cases. Authorities said in September last week.

Meanwhile, a virologist from the University of Hong Kong thinks it cannot be concluded with certainty if the two workers were exposed to the Corona virus as a result of frozen food packaging.

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It is possible if they are exposed to this virus from elsewhere, and pass it on to frozen food they touch.

Furthermore, until now the CDC also has not confirmed finding cases of frozen food consumers infected with this virus while holding the packaging. the possibility is still very small.

However, the CDC still recommends that workers do not have direct contact with frozen food products that will be marketed. especially until it comes in contact with the skin, this aims to prevent the possible spread of the virus.


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