Alert! Cases of Dengue Fever in Batam Increase

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BATAM, SURYAKEPRI.COM – Batam City Health Office (Dinkes) noted that until Tuesday (12/10/2021), the number of dengue cases reached 480 cases.

The distribution is evenly distributed in all sub-districts in Batam City.
When compared with the same period in 2020, the number of dengue cases has decreased.

Where, last year there were 528 cases of DHF in the same period


“There is no death case yet, and hopefully no one dies,” he said, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

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Didi added, dengue cases tend to fluctuate. However, during the rainy season like today, the incidence of dengue fever will increase.

In the rainy season, the population aedes aegypti will increase because the eggs that have not hatched will hatch when their breeding habitat begins to be flooded with rainwater.

This condition will increase the mosquito population so that it can cause an increase in the transmission of dengue disease.

“Mosquito survival aedes aegypti it will take longer if the humidity level is high during the rainy season, so people must be more vigilant when entering the rainy season,” said Didi.

Batam Health Office made efforts to handle this dengue case.

One of them is by providing counseling to the community, to the role of larva monitoring interpreter (jumantik) with the program ‘Movement 1 Rumah 1 Jumantik’.

“We reactivate the 1 house 1 jumantik movement,” said Didi.

Meanwhile, the duty of the jumantik is to be a partner of the puskesmas in preventing and reducing the number of dengue fever.

In addition, this cadre is also tasked with monitoring environmental conditions from the spread of disease through Mosquito Nest Eradication (PSN) activities.

Didi appealed to the community to play an active role in preventing dengue, by being more concerned about the environment.


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