Alert! 3 These Stocks Enter the Exchange Surveillance Radar

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) included three stocks in the category of stocks with unusual market activity (UMA) on 6-8 September 2021.

According to the IDX’s disclosure, the three stocks are property issuer PT Era Graharealty Tbk (IPAC), children’s toy company PT Sunindo Adipersada Tbk (TOYS), and bank issuer PT Bank J Trust Indonesia Tbk (BCIC).

The stock exchange included IPAC shares in the UMA category on Monday (6/9) this week, in line with the increase in the share price.

Indeed, before being corrected in the last 2 days, IPAC shares had recorded an upward rally for 10 consecutive days. In a week this stock rose 1.25%, while in a month ‘fly’ 92.86%.

Responding to stock volatility, IPAC itself has notified the stock exchange that the company is not aware of any material information or facts that may affect the company’s share price.

“The company is not aware of any material information or facts that can affect the value of the company’s securities,” explained IPAC management as quoted by CNBC Indonesia, Friday (10/9/2021).

IPAC management also admitted that they do not have a corporate action plan for at least the next 3 months.

Then, TOYS shares were included in the IDX’s ‘monitoring radar’ on Tuesday (7/9) this week after the stock price jumped significantly recently.

In an explanation letter to the IDX regarding the UMA TOYS label, on Wednesday (8/9), TOYS management said that currently there is no other material information that has not been submitted to the public.

In addition, TOYS also explained that the company did not know about the truth or untruth of the company information circulating as rumors or circulating in the mass media.

“So the company cannot confirm the truth or untruth of a news or rumor concerning the company,” said TOYS management.

TOYS shares themselves have been moving ‘wild’ in the past month. In a week the stock rose 1.94%, while in a month it soared as high as 223.08%.

Third, on Wednesday (8/9), the stock exchange also labeled BCIC shares with the UMA category in line with the recent significant decline in stock prices.

According to IDX data, BCIC shares recorded a decline for 7 days in a row. Meanwhile, in a month, this stock only strengthened 2 times, namely on August 30-31. The rest, BCIC shares closed in the red zone. As a result, in a week this stock fell 24.39%, while in a month it fell 63.10%.

“UMA’s announcement does not necessarily indicate a violation of legislation in the field of Capital Markets,” said the IDX.

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