Alentova in a wig at 78 amazed everyone with her appearance

The 78-year-old actress looks much younger than her age.

Alentova took the stage in a wig / http: //

Beautiful photos from the performance “False Confessions” have appeared on Instagram of the Pushkin Moscow Drama Theater. There are many favorite actors on the stage. Among them, for example, Victoria Isakova, Boris Dyachenko, Anna Begunova. But much more than all users were attracted by the appearance of the 78-year-old actress Vera Alentova.

On stage, she appeared in several spectacular outfits at once: in a tight-fitting tracksuit, in leather trousers, as well as in a jacket with many unusual brooches. The audience was especially impressed by the star’s platinum wig. The actress appeared on stage in an elongated square and instantly became twenty years younger.

“Happy premiere, favorite theater. Vera Alentova, of course, is irresistible “,” What are all wonderful actors “, – noted in the comments users.

Recall that Vera Alentova is the wife of the legendary director Vladimir Menshov. She became widely known to the public after her role in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears.” The tape, as you know, won the Oscar.


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