Alena’s horoscope: Libra should not show unnecessary ambition, colleagues agree with Scorpios


You will make good money if you trade and especially if you have a wholesale warehouse, but be careful. You can design the contracts you want to sign next week. If you don’t judge your new business acquaintances, who are rushing into your life, you will cause yourself trouble just because you have shown trust. Find the shortest way to the hearts of the people you are in love with and share your feelings today. Sex gives you pleasure if it is mutually desirable. If you are married, do not cheat, because they will reveal you.


Analyze your conversations and realize your mistakes from the beginning of the month, because you need to eliminate them in a timely manner. Consider your future plans without sharing them. Beware of impulsive decisions and emotional reactions that will further harm you. You will not lack difficulties if you are at work. Do not think that your loved ones will guess how you feel about them. You risk moving them away. Your sexual relations are harmonious, but you tend to show aggression in bed, atypical for you, dear ladies, which your intimate partner will not like.


On this day, do not make hasty and ill-considered decisions on this day. Your impulsive actions will delay the moment of successful completion of your tasks at work. Work deeply, calmly and confidently. If possible, take a long-planned trip and combine it with other useful work. Protect yourself from conflicts with your loved ones. Do not ruin the restored harmony in your relationship. Create pleasant emotions, indulge in intimate moments and desired sexual pleasures with your loved ones.


They will provide you with new information to discover new opportunities for professional performance, but be careful not to be misleading. If you have the opportunity, attend a seminar or conference. It is possible to end a business relationship with your partner, with whom you have been working for years, but he is already connected with your competitors. In the evening, do not carry your bad mood in the family or with your loved ones. If you are too obsessed with your professional problems, sex will not give you pleasure.


You have to repair the damage done to you by enemies. Protect your professional interests. You have no reason to be tactful and compromising once you are harmed. Hasty actions when discussing business problems and financial contracts will bring you losses. The initiatives are successful. The gift of words helps you to impose your ideas. Do not expect to quickly resolve the misunderstandings that arose for no reason in the morning between you and your intimate partner. The reason for the lack of desire for sexual pleasures lies in your behavior, which you need to change.


The day is successful even though you are tense if you are patient and do not cause conflicts with your colleagues, even though they deliberately prevent you from working calmly. Do not travel because of possible surprises and problems. It is in your best interest to do your best to get the real recognition you deserve in the workplace. Relationships with your loved ones calm down. Be careful not to offend anyone with your thoughtless words. If you want to indulge in pleasant intimate pleasures, sex will work well for you.


On this day, strive for the goal, but try not to show undue ambition or at least skillfully hide from others what will make them angry. It is not good to lose your allies. New job prospects will open up, but you already have your goal to follow. Your personal life requires you to change your behavior and take more care of your intimate relationships. Manifestations of jealousy are not excluded, dear ladies. Your sexual relationship is once again in crisis. The reason is in your whims and eternal dissatisfaction.


Your knowledge and experience will help you in the performance of your duties, no matter how stressful. Your colleagues are against the changes you intend to make, but they will agree with you today. Do not rush to consider starting a private business just because someone has affected you, because the day is not suitable for the purpose. Today is the time to harmonize your family relationships. Be sure to enjoy the intimate moments. Sex will give you mutual pleasure if you have loved ones with you.


Present your ideas to your colleagues, whom you can meet for a business lunch or dinner. Despite the tension, you are in a great mood and you feel good, getting to know them in a different light. In your workplace, be moderately active and do not get tired, but cope with your urgent tasks. You will find your soul mate if you have not met her yet. You will fall in love at first sight. Expect problems in intimate relationships. Sex with your new partners is allowed if you are sure of their feelings.


Stabilize what you have achieved if you are at work and, if necessary, meet with your superiors who want to see the results of the tasks. You are pleased with their praise. You will make a mistake if you accept a proposal to change your job without consulting. You will regret it the next day. The day favors announcing an engagement and a decision to start a family, establishing harmonious family relations. Your sexual relationship is harmonious if you control your feelings and are not picky in bed.


In the workplace, do not argue with your colleagues and only deal with your routine work. If you want to impose your opinion, do it without aggression. Don’t refuse help. Conflicts with bosses are possible. Common sense will help you prevent them. Avoid clarifying the relationship. The women are about to have a romantic date. Communicating with your loved ones is charged with a lot of positive emotions. Make your intimate partner happy with a beautiful bouquet and champagne. Sex will relieve you of tension.


You will indulge in public life, but you are worried without knowing exactly what, there is no reason, just impose tact and patience and be reasonable. Maybe what you do does not bring you the expected satisfaction. Do not start new tasks if you are not confident in yourself and do not lend money to people you do not know. In the evening, go home and get ready for a romantic date. Lovers to share their feelings. Your sex life requires you to be more active and not worry about the variety that pleases your loved ones.

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