Alena’s horoscope: Leos in a good mood, Virgos should not be annoyed with colleagues


Today you are burdened with overwork, part of which is not yours. Avoid deteriorating your relationships with your colleagues because of your grumbling and dissatisfaction, which, as is typical of you, is above the norm today. Again, they may be caused by your critical words, which you have long forgotten, but have hurt, and they remember especially now, in the retrograde motion of Mercury. In the evening, stay at home and indulge in rest and pleasant romantic moments. Sex will give you strength and help you forget about your problems.


Accept the suggestions for additional work, but distribute it among all colleagues, yet Mercury is still retrograde. The profit is not small and will make everyone happy. Don’t be greedy so you don’t fail – you can’t do it alone. The results will make you happy until the evening, only if you work together with the others and you did not distance yourself offended. Be responsible for family relationships as well, because you run the risk of creating serious problems. Sex will give you strength again and will relieve you of tension, so do not miss it.


Don’t go on a trip so you don’t waste your time because of a failed meeting. Give up extra work, in harmony with retrograde Mercury, if it is associated with a load to cope with your main tasks. Be insightful when conducting business conversations related to your work and signing long-term contracts. You enjoy shared feelings, but you find it difficult to decide on the step to a serious relationship if you are single. Having sex with your new intimate partners is an unfamiliar experience for you, but it makes you happy.


Take the opportunity to start a new job if you are convinced that you will succeed. Carry out a long-considered project that will bring you a good income, but without haste because of retrograde Mercury. Purposefulness in the workplace will help you realize your intentions and change your life. Don’t be in a hurry. Your family relationships are harmonious. Unmarried women are calm because of their shared feelings. In the evening, romantic dates and pleasant sexual pleasures await you. You need just such an unloading.


You are prepared in the morning for active work. You are in a good mood and you can irritate with criticism, although it is funny, your colleague who came reluctantly to work, but he will be affected. All the started business tasks will bring you success if you are not in a hurry. In the afternoon, visit your business partners with whom you have the opportunity to negotiate joint projects, despite the retrograde Mercury. In the afternoon, stay home or arrange a meeting with friends. In the evening you are tired, angry and of course without mood. You will disappoint your intimate partner with your reluctance to have sexual pleasures.

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In your workplace, suppress your desire to insult your colleagues for something that has made you nervous or hurt you without their intention, although it’s a good idea to check their allegations. Tact and carefully considered actions will save you future problems in the still retrograde motion of Mercury. Success is with you, and the income for the day is excellent. Stay home in the evening. You need to be alone with yourself, even in the company of your loved ones. Give up sexual pleasures if you have no desire for them.


Expect difficulties to come your way due to the unfavorable attitude of your colleagues. You do great in the workplace if you are not overconfident. Being overwhelmed with more tasks will not work well for you or your relationships with your colleagues. Be moderate because of Mercury’s still retrograde motion. Be sure to surround your partner with attention, because you risk moving him away from you. In the evening, no matter how tired and nervous you are, indulge in your feelings and sexual pleasures. You will regain your strength and restful sleep.


Success is with you, despite retrograde Mercury. Hold scheduled business meetings with unfamiliar partners, even though they persuade you to postpone them because they will not be successful. It’s hard for them to accept that you’re better than them again. Your day is good for discussing contracts and deals with your colleagues, and for signing them by the end of business hours. Be sure to surprise your partner with a gift to apologize for the delay. If you have a desire for sex, do not miss it. You will remember this evening with unforgettable experiences.

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Work actively, be confident in your rights and you will reap unprecedented success, even with retrograde Mercury. Many of you will feel tired after work. Stabilize relationships with colleagues to get their support for your professional ideas. In the evening, forget about work and indulge in entertainment. You do not want romantic dates, but you have to arrange them. It’s time to clarify your feelings. Single women will meet the right partner. Sexual attraction will push them straight to bed.


Problems are all around you and annoy you along with the prohibitions of still retrograde Mercury. Do not travel to avoid a collision with the traffic police, which will further anger you to the point of aggression. You better stay at work to reject your tasks. Due to persistence or stubbornness on your part, you can create professional problems. In the evening, stay with your family or take your loved ones to a restaurant. Your new romantic acquaintances are inappropriate. Sexual contact with your new partners will disappoint you.


You will not get into quarrels at work because of the bad mood of your colleague, who harms everyone involved in a common task. If you want to clarify your relationship, do not raise your voice to end quickly. Despite the difficulties, you are in your element and everything you do will be successful. Expect revenue, despite retrograde Mercury. In the evening, as compensation for your personal problems, you will be surprised by a romantic date. Married women in love with their partner, as well as unmarried people who have a stable intimate relationship, will experience another unforgettable sexual moment.


Your confidence in your abilities and your ability to communicate help you cope with your responsibilities at work. You will take another step on the way to the goal, even in the retrograde motion of Mercury. Realize your own mistakes and think about how you will correct them to save yourself future business problems and financial losses. In the evening you will be tired, but happy with yourself, because of the avoided failure. It is worth sharing your time with your loved ones. If you have an intimate partner with you who fully shares your feelings, sex will give you pleasure.

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