Alena’s horoscope: Financial receipts for Leos, Virgos with success beyond expectations


Unwanted meetings make you nervous from the morning. Be patient, listen to the visitors who approach you cheekily, but refuse them your help. Then attend to your duties. Don’t let problems take over your mind. It is possible that you will reap professional and financial successes before noon. You have the opportunity to fix your personal relationship with one word, but your feminine instinct will tell you who she is. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a new romantic relationship. Do not rush with sexual pleasures, and if you are married, forget your intention to cheat.


Do not arrange loans with friends through banking institutions, because you have enough funds to successfully start your business. Do it without considering the opinion of your loved ones. With an arranged business meeting in the first half of the day, success will be with you if you are not too stubborn, intractable and unyielding. In the afternoon and evening, pay your dues to your loved ones, indulge in rest and entertainment, if you have taken a break. Sexual pleasures invigorate you and give you unforgettable moments if you do not choose to ignore them.


On this day, it is better to give up your grandiose plans and take up your usual duties. Due to unfinished tasks, you endure the criticism of your superiors, who will not accept your apologies. Communication is difficult. Stabilize relations with your colleagues if they are damaged due to lateral interference. Be careful with your words and don’t argue with your loved ones. They support your professional ideas, but it would be good to deal with your family obligations as well. Sex can give you strength, provided you manage to mend the relationship with your intimate partner.


Analyze the reason for the distance of people you rely on. You communicate with ease and can carry your conversations with them. Do not burden yourself with new tasks, but finish the ones you started. Even if you have to change your plans, don’t be angry because the change is for your own good. Routine in your actions is a guarantee of success. If you are not inclined to compromise with your relatives related to your household duties, the relations in your family will be strained to the extreme. It is up to you not to allow yourself to be deprived of sexual pleasure.


Financial income will prompt you to make changes in your personal and professional life. Allow yourself to create new friendly and business contacts. Get busy with your current tasks. Lack of confidence is to your detriment. The workload will not be good for you or your relationship with your colleagues. Find time in the evening to see friends who have been inviting you to visit them for a long time, especially if you are single women and have not started a family. It will be pleasant for you, and you will smooth out the relationship with your intimate partner, if you go together so that she does not deprive you of sex again.


Even if it is difficult for you and you are worried, do not forget to remind yourself that today you will succeed only if you rely on yourself and do not hope for help. There is no way to get it, because you have been extremely critical and you have affected with your words also those colleagues of yours who are always well-intentioned. Entrepreneurs will achieve the goals set for the day with success beyond expectations. Stabilize your family relationships. The unmarried should not shut themselves up at home, but meet people and look for the possibility of acquaintances, which may free them from loneliness today.


Unexpected aggression and the demands of your loved ones are the reason why you are depressed and disappointed. Avoid deliberately induced financial problems related to your relatives and friends. Expected financial receipts will be delayed. Business meetings will not bring you success if you have arranged them in the morning and have not prepared for them. If you are not married and have found the right partner, today is an ideal day to announce your desire to start a family, but I do not advise you to conclude a hasty marriage. Your sex life requires you to be more moderately aggressive, but also active.


Good luck will come to you in the afternoon on this day. Try not to insist to your colleagues that you also take on some of their duties in order to receive additional remuneration. Don’t let them take advantage of you just because you’ve gotten rich in the eyes of envious neighbors. Don’t spend for no reason and don’t brag about your money. Control your nerves and try to understand the feelings of your intimate partner, no matter how angry he is with you. Don’t try to dominate him. If you are not responsible enough for your personal relationships, you will lose your marriage, your relationship and your sexual pleasures.


Stay away from gossip and intrigue in your workplace. The day is full of tension for those around you, but not for you. Start a new business and consider traveling abroad. Business meetings and trips on this day will be successful if they do not prevent you from completing the activities you started. I do not advise you to stubbornly and rashly make spontaneous decisions related to personal life and take the step to divorce just because you are offended. Divorce is one option, and making up and restoring your feelings and sexual relationship is the other.


You are pleased with yourself because of the news that you have been approved for work abroad, which also gives you additional freedom to develop. Start preparing for your departure, but do not rush to leave, but choose your best personal day for the trip. Do not refuse the offered help if you have to fill out financial documents. The stars give you the opportunity to express your love in all its power and create harmony in family relationships. Your sex life returns to normal, but whether or not this continues is up to you.


You are ready to take risky actions to win a new position in the workplace. It is in your best interest to assess beforehand whether the change is worth it and whether you will not regret it. Don’t argue with your colleagues and just go about your routine work. You will have a visit from overseas business partners, which will pleasantly surprise you. Your intimate partners are afraid of losing you because of your flirting with a co-worker who is innocent to you but has deeply hurt them. If you are married, your relationships will be seriously complicated. Prove your feelings and give yourself unforgettable sexual moments in the evening.


Surprisingly, you will receive an affirmative answer for a new job assignment. Your success may be overshadowed by the whims of your friends who insist that you water it at any cost at your expense. Conduct the planned business talks, arranging for the signing of the contracts in the following days. Consider them once more. Your loved ones are annoyed by your absence, even though you are on a weekly date with girlfriends. Make time and go out to dinner with them. Whether the night will surprise you with unforgettable intimate moments and sexual pleasures depends on your ability to read the wishes of your beloved.

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