Alena Sviridova clashed with Sobchak over a photo in a bikini

Singer Alena Sviridova commented on the scandalous statements of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak about women of age. So, the TV personality ridiculed mature ladies who publish their photos on social networks in swimsuits or just with a minimum amount of clothes. Sobchak once said that if, after 40 years, she will upload her half-naked photos, it would be better if someone killed her. If a woman at that age shows her body, then it is she from despair, she hinted. So far, at 39, she’s not shy about getting naked on the beach.

“Ksenia, frankly speaking, does not differ in sincerity of feelings”, – stated Sviridov “TV program”.


According to the artist, her correspondence opponent is disingenuous. The singer believes that she is “an intelligent girl and understands that she will not remain forever young”, but hardly over the years she will begin to hide her body in a shroud.

Sviridova emphasized that she was not ashamed of her body at 58, even if she looked better at 18. She added that she posts photos in a swimsuit not in order to lure someone, but simply because she shares pictures from a vacation at the sea.

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