Aleksandra Kwa¶niewska has built a climatic nest. Elegant living room and retro furniture. There is also a professional games corner

Aleksandra Kwasniewska i Kuba Badach they live in a cozy and stylish house. Particularly noteworthy are a large bookcase, a modern bathroom, a beautiful garden and a place to play racing games. The latter room is certainly a musician’s asylum. There is also a place for a beloved pet in the house, which has its own beds, but often chooses a couple’s bed.

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The house of Aleksandra Kwaśniewska and Kuba Badach is dominated by plants and slightly austere finishes, which in combination make the room cosier. In the couple’s living room there is a large wooden table, but it is the background that draws special attention. We notice an atmospheric gray chest of drawers with a picture hanging above it.


The house also has a room with a huge library. White shelves filled with books take up the entire wall. The room also has a yellow lamp and a fireplace.


In the bathroom of the former president’s daughter, there was a huge bathtub with candles and beauty accessories. Next to them, there is a glass, openwork lamp and exotic plants. On the other side, there are shelves built into the wall, ideal for storage cosmetics. A mirror illuminated by LEDs could not be missing.

Games corner

Aleksandra Kwaśniewska decided on a rather unusual solution. In their property there is a game corner with a console equipped with a comfortable armchair like from a racing car and … a foosball table, which stands on the terrace surrounded by greenery and flowers. Certainly, every sports fan must be thrilled with these solutions.

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Every morning, Aleksandra Kwaśniewska’s bedroom is illuminated by the rays of the sun coming through window right next to the bed. Pictures hung above the furniture. A huge, double bed is also a place for their dog, who often takes naps in it.

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More photos of the interior of Aleksandra Kwaśniewska’s house can be found in the gallery at the top of the page.

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