Alejandro Amenábar’s series, filmed in Cádiz, shows its first images

Director Alejandro Amenábar’s first series, ‘La fortuna’, has shown the first images of his shooting, with settings in the province of Cádiz. La Línea, Algeciras or the Rota Naval Base have hosted part of the recording of an international production by Movistar + and AMC Studios in collaboration with MOD Pictures.

The special video making of from ‘La Fortuna‘collects some of the key moments of the filming of the new series by Alejandro Amenábar, which has traveled to locations such as the Community of Madrid, Cádiz, Guadalajara, A Coruña, Zaragoza and even the Palacio de la Moncloa, seat of the Presidency of the Government. In these first minutes you can see the airport of the Roteña Base as well as a scene with a Civil Guard patrol boat. The team of the famous director was rolling in the Campo de Gibraltar in September 2020, with the Palacio de Congresos de La Línea as the center of operations.

This investigation and adventure series is based on the graphic novel ‘The Treasure of the Black Swan’, which includes the attempted looting carried out by the American treasure hunter Odyssey. It will feature 6 45-minute episodes that will premiere in the fall of 2021, all directed by Amenábar.

Synopsis and cast

Fortune counts in its distribution with recognized popular faces of cinema and fiction American as Stanley Tucci, nominated for an Oscar for The Lovely Bones, as treasure hunter Frank Wild; Clarke Peters (The Wire), as attorney Jonas Pierce and T´Nia Miller (Years & Years), as attorney Susan McLean.

Álex Ventura (Álvaro Mel), a young and inexperienced diplomat, finds himself unintentionally turned into the leader of a mission that will put all his convictions to the test: recover the stolen underwater treasure by Frank Wild (Stanley Tucci), an adventurer who travels the world looting the common heritage of the deep sea. Forming a singular team with Lucía (Ana Polvorosa), a military officer to take, and Jonas Pierce (Clarke Peters), a brilliant American lawyer with a passion for old pirate stories, Álex will undertake the adventure of a lifetime, discovering the importance of love, friendship and commitment to what one believes in.

Cadiz actors such as Manolo Solo and Ana López Segovia.



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