Alec Baldwin is being prosecuted for fatal shooting on the Rust movie set

The actor is being prosecuted for wrongful death in the case of the fatal shooting on the set of the western film. Justice in the US state of New Mexico has decided this today. Gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who managed the guns and ammunition on set, is also being prosecuted.

The Ministry of Justice previously reported on the basis of an investigation that the revolver was not deliberately loaded by anyone. But then it was not known how a real bullet could have ended up on the set and in the weapon. Alec says he didn’t know the gun was loaded.

Alec and the film producers settled in October 2022 with Matthew Hutchins, the widower of the deceased camerawoman. He then believed that no one is to blame for his wife’s death and spoke of a ‘terrible accident’. He said he was grateful that the film continued production to pay tribute to his wife.

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