Alderman PS discharged until further notice after xenophobic remarks

The reaction of the local executive has been scathing.

BEnoît Hons, the alderman of education, is “relieved of his scabinal powers until further notice,” announced Monday evening the municipal college of Neupré (province of Liège). On a trip to Spain, the socialist posted a hateful message against the traveler community on Saturday after being robbed of his bag containing his personal effects (cards, money, glasses, etc.).

Benoît Hons accused the travelers of being behind this theft, calling them “parasitic specimens, living off the flight and laying their spawn in trash caravans or even in their big Mercedes …”.

The alderman, who apologized for targeting “an entire community,” was heard Monday at 6 p.m. by the communal college. The latter then “decided to discharge him from his scabinal powers until further notice”, because of “the seriousness of the comments made on Facebook”.

Towards exclusion from the municipal college?

“The College recalls the quality work accomplished by the alderman in the exercise of his mandate in the service of our schools. He also notes that Benoit Hons immediately withdrew his publication and apologized publicly. We can also understand the anger that animated him after the robbery he suffered abroad, but that does not justify his words. The College refuses to trivialize such actions, inappropriate in the case of a political representative, in charge of education in addition, “said the local executive.

The possibility of excluding Benoît Hons from the municipal college will be discussed next Saturday at 11 am during a meeting of the majority municipal councilors. Indeed, under the Code of Local Democracy, a motion of individual mistrust is admissible only if it is filed by at least half of the advisers of each political group participating in the majority pact.

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