Aldebaran Finally Found, Reyna’s Premonition Is Very Strong, Nino Experiences A Terrible Thing In The Bond Of Love

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Dream Reyna when camping together Nino come true. Reyna wake up calling papa Aldebaran.

Originally Reyna pray for papa Aldebaran found soon. The professional search team, led by Angga, is likely to yield results.

Aldebaran found, while Nino suffers a terrible fate after trying to terrorize Ricky.

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Synopsis Love Bond May 2, 2022, airing the scene AndinMichi, and Angga who are preparing to go on a quest Aldebaran in the Sumatran forest.

In the trailer Love Bond at @mnc_picturesandikatancinta.mncp, it’s also shown how Reyna say a prayer for papa Aldebaran when a shooting star occurs.

Prediction Love Bond tonight, hear the prayer Reyna, Nino seemed to smile and began to realize the fact that the bond of love Reyna on Aldebaran very strong.

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