Alcohol and girls. Konchalovsky’s son showed how “spit” his parents

Peter’s Twitter posts outraged netizens.

In the marriage, Julia and Andrey got two children, but fate was not supportive. Daughter Maria was seriously injured in the accident and for 6 years nothing has been known about her health. The youngest son of the family, Peter recently started a blog where he actively shows a “marginal” lifestyle. Overgrown hair, smoking, “incomprehensible” friends – even then it was noticeable that parents did not follow their son, they considered it on the network, Peter’s new Twitter entries only confirmed how much the guy’s parents “didn’t give a damn about him”.

Here the guy writes what he remembered the summer of 2019 – alcohol and girls. Recall that Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya prefer to travel abroad, waking up every day in a new country. The couple likes delights and does not deny himself in the evening a bottle of wine for 25 thousand rubles. Obviously, a stellar couple does not care at all for a child who at the age of 16 is forced to take care of himself. Previously, information appeared on the network that Peter was holding a grudge against his father for his crippled sister, because it was Konchalovsky who was then driving, and Maria did not fasten her seat belt. Be that as it may, the boy himself showed how “spit” his parents were. Perhaps in this way he wants to draw public attention to Julia and Andrei.

Psychologists say that some people can not have children in any way, hinting at the stars of show business. Constantly busy parents, who leave their children to the nanny in childhood, and afterwards, to the will of fate, cannot properly raise the younger generation. Everyone remembers the story with the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya. Fans of the couple Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya hope that the couple will be able to find the strength to establish relations with their only son.

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Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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