Alcoa agrees to extend ERE consultations until September 28 while negotiating the sale | Economy

Alcoa has accessed this Thursday to extend ERE consultations until September 28, so that a period of six weeks opens in which the multinational will negotiate a sale to Liberty House.

Alcoa and the works council accepted this Thursday in a meeting with mediation in Santiago de Compostela the proposal launched by the Government and Xunta in order to find an exit to the factory while layoffs are suspended and the operation of the tanks is maintained.

At the exit of the meeting, the president of the works council, José Antonio Zan, wanted to “thank” the role of the Government and the Xunta to unblock the situation, after the formal consultation period ended without agreement last week. “They have given us a hand and have supported us at all times, and we must continue like this,” he remarks.

However, Zan advises that “bear in mind that this has not closed anything.” Now, hope that September 27 will be reached with “an agreement and have viability for many years”, “to continue working for A Mariña for many years”.

“A period of six weeks opens, which we hope will be fruitful for a sale and that we will continue for many years to operate with electrolysis and tanks until we can retire at the factory,” he says.

Proposal accepted

The plan proposed by the Government and Xunta involves extending the negotiations of the collective dismissal for 534 workers and that the US multinational begins in that period a sale process to Alliance GFG (a group of which Liberty House is a part), during which it must continue to operate at the San Cibrao plant.

In addition, Alcoa undertakes to regularly inform the parties involved of the evolution of the negotiations, something that would be channeled through an industrial table with representation from the central government, the Xunta, the unions and the works council.

The proposal presented on Tuesday, and now accepted by Alcoa and committee, goes through trying to close the negotiations for the sale and sets a deadline of September 27.

If there is no agreement, the ERE’s negotiation consultation period is called to end on September 28.

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